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my ipod 5th gen does not turn on even when plugged into a power source

could it just be the battery? or more problems

iPod classic
  • Velocifero Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Most likely it is the battery. Have you left it without a charge for too much time? If you did you have to wait two to five minutes for the ipod to charge enough to "revive".

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    I tried almost everything i could find on the web. This happended  as soon as I plugged it into a speaker dock (no name) and when i pulled it off the dock it was done, no sign no symbols,done! never turned back on.

    So im worried it might be or might not be the battery.The apple genius told me it was the battery,but he checked it for like a minute,how did he determine that?


    i ordered a new battery hopefully i get it soon,as i dont really want to buy a new ipod or ipad mini?

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    Well, we are talking about an ipod classic yes? Because if it was an ipod touch fifth generation I would assume that it still has its warranty available and they shouldn't charge you for replacing the battery. In the case of a classic you have to remember that no matter how well you treat the device eventually the batteries will run flat, but I haven't heard of a case in which the ipod will die altogether, in any case I hope your dear jukebox get's better and you can   get into your world with your tunes