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    DId anyone work out how to fix this issue?recently my ipad,always been in a griffin case went funny overnight, the volume on it went faulty and when my alarm tried to play I woke to scratchy static sounds and occasionally it doesn't work at all and just goes quiet.

    i Have tried the mute button, I know it's there when you slide up the screen and swipe to the right

    i would bring it to apple but I'm a few months out of my one year warranty and apple care wasn't offered to my mum when she bought me this ipad in Hong Kong on Holliday.

    anyone have any ideas?

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    I have the same problem with iPad 3, iOS 6.1.3 no sound via loudspeaker at all, only earphones port works fine. iPad was never broken System sounds do not work via air play as well. Have tried every single recommendation, restored to factory settings, checked 30pin port, swiped right pushing the home button. No result. Any ideas - is it a hw or sw issue?

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    Not sure if this has been answered yet, but I may have a solution and will share here, since earlier fixes may not apply if you're on iOS7.  I had this issue since iOS 5.5.1 (never made the move to 6). I've since updated to 7.0.2, thinking it would solve the issue, but it didn't work.


    To solve it, I went to settings/general, changed the side switch from lock rotation to mute, flipped the switch on and off, then changed it back to lock rotation. The sound came back after that. Hope it helps!

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