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I have bought two mac chargers over the past two years and they have broken. Has anyone else had this problem? I cannot keep buying chargers surely they should last longer than a year at a time

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Reply by John Galt on Mar 19, 2013 3:09 PM Recommended

Genuine Apple power adapters will last as long as your Mac, if you take care of them:


Using and maintaining your Apple MagSafe Adapter


Reducing cable strain on your MagSafe power adapter

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    Genuine Apple power adapters will last as long as your Mac, if you take care of them:


    Using and maintaining your Apple MagSafe Adapter


    Reducing cable strain on your MagSafe power adapter

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    I've had literally 10+ of these cords break on me...The very first time I got the "this is how you wrap it without straining it" lecture. They're total crap...

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    The charger sitting on my desk, in use with my current MBP was the original one which shipped with my previous MBP.  I purchased that machine in Late 2007, and the 85W charger is still working fine and sits here on my desk for use with my current system (a Late 2011 MBP).  I have the charger that came with the Late 2011 MBP when I bought it 2 years ago in my backpack and it gets carried around and used almost every day, and it also is still working with no issues.


    I did purchase a 3rd party "clone" power adapter for my older system, and it still works, although the flip-out prongs" connector has gone bad, and I had to use it with an external cabel to plug it in.  That charger is still with my old MBP with a new owner and they are using both fine with no issues that I know of, other than the vendor sold it as an 85W adapter, but it was really only a 45W adapter...

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    There is obviously a quality control issue with these.  I will be well on my way to number 3 shortly here.  These chargers are more suitable for a stationary computer.  People who let them sit in one place alway, almost always hop on here and laugh at those of us who complain about them because were mobile.  These things do NOT last in a backpack even when coiled properly.  Apple will never see my wallet for a computer again plain and simple, because I should not have to shell out between 60-80 dollars every year on a cord that should have been recalled and redesigned years ago.  There is no reason that the sheath protecting the electrical line to my computer should be disintegrating after a year of use.  The engineer manager behind this cord should be fired for not redesigning it.  Jobs would not have had it.  He would have sounded the alarm on this thing until it is perfect.


    Apple, pull your head out of your ***.  As a college kid on a ramen noodle diet, this laptop is pretty much the most expensive thing I own.  I can't be shelling out for this cheap piece of crap.  The least you could do is offer free replacements if we bring it in and its shredded, especially for students.  My $80.00 a year is going toward building a PC and upgrading it when the time comes.  I encourage everyone else to do the same, because those cords are made with durable plastic, not fragile rubber.




    PS Microsoft is really making a turn around, this F***ing charger will be the bane of the Mac Book Pro.

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    Ha 10 cords, coulda bought a pretty nice windows laptop with that money and avoided this issue entirely.

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    And if you take care of them?  you mean not bring them with you to wherever you need to go?

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    Thank you for sharing your opinion with us.


    Have a good one.

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    I'm sure the increased sales due to this issue is not a strong motivator for Apple to fix this problem. Why not make the chord thicker or at least offer a more mobility-friendly version? Fix the poor design yourself with tape: http://toomanyadapters.com/low-cost-stop-macbook-charger-breaking/

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    This is a huge issue!! My charger chord is simply disintegrating in some places. I cannot believe Apple, being advanced in every other area, is allowing such a crappy quality charger to be associated with their brand. The same thing has happened to multiple iPhone chargers for me. Being a college student, I take my Mac with me literally everywhere. I leave my charger at home most days, so portability isn't really the issue for me. Regardless, shelling out thousands of dollars on a Mac is useless if I can't charge it because the charger is broken! The chord seems to just be disintegrating over time. I have my current charger chord wrapped with electrical tape at the trouble spots, which seems to help and prolong its life. I'm extremely disappointed not only with the chord, but also with the $80 cost to replace it. Man up Apple. Recognize you have a problem and show your customers some respect by having the decency to fix it.