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hDear All,


Apologies if this has been asked before.


I am planning to upgrade my wife's phone from an iPhone 3GS 8GB to an iPhone 4S 16GB.


Is there any way to easily transfer all contacts / photos / music / apps from the old 3GS to the new 4S?


Thanks in anticipation.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    WOW - that's a fast reply Lawrence - like 10 seconds or so!


    Checking the link now.





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    I read through the “Transfer content from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device” article and it all made sense to me. My question is slightly different: can I back up my 3gs and selectively choose which content items I want to transfer to my new 4s? My new 4s is my company’s phone and had already been activated without restoring it neither from iCloud nor from iTunes. In other words, I have been using two phones separately and now I decided to go with the company’s phone only, but I don’t want to transfer all content from my old phone to the new one (for example, I don’t want to transfer my email to the new phone). Could you assist me with that?

    Thank you in advance

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    You will have to do it manually rather than restoring the backup, but it is possible to do that. Sync your music and apps from your computer to the company phone. You will lose any app data in the process, however, unless the apps support cloud data storage. You can set up your contacts, calendars, notes and reminders to sync with iCloud or with your computer.

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    Thank you for such a quick response!

    What procedures would you recommend me to do before syncing my new 4s with iTunes?

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    The answer depends on how you managed data on your old phone. And whether the Apple ID that the company phone is registered to is yours or the company's. Did you use iCloud to manage contacts, calendar, notes and reminders? Or did you sync them to apps on your computer? Will you continue syncing the phone with your personal computer or a company computer, and if it's the company computer does it have iTunes installed?


    If the company phone's Find my iPhone uses your personal Apple ID and you currently sync the old phone's contacts, etc. to iCloud then just go to Settings/iCloud on the new phone and turn on the switches for those and your content will be transferred. If you don't do this currently the easiest way is to switch the old phone to iCloud sync.


    I'll await more information because there are many possible paths depending on your answer to the questions above, and rather than create a decision tree it would make more sense to address your specific configuration.

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    Lawrence, I apologize for the delay in my response. How try to answer to your questions to the best of my knowledge.


    • Apple ID that the company's phone is registered to is actually the company's Apple ID, not my personal one.
    • I used iCloud to manage contacts, calendar and reminders.
    • The company computer does not have an iTunes. I would like to sync my new iPhone with an iTunes on my computer, but I would like to use the company's Apple ID for that purpose.
    • The company phone's Find my iPhone uses the company's Apple ID, not my personal one.

    Based upon that, what would be your recommendations?

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    Unless you know the password to the company's Apple ID you cannot use it to sync iTunes content, as it will prompt for it any time you buy or update content. However, you can create your own Apple ID and use it to log in to the iTunes & App Stores, iMessage and Facetime. You cannot use the company Apple ID to for contacts, calendar and reminders, and I don't know if you can have 2 different iCloud IDs for contacts, calendar and reminders; I have never tried. You can try - go to Settings/mail, contacts, calendars, tap Add Account and iCloud and see if it works.

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    I do know the company's Apple ID. Would you still recommend to me to try to create another iCloud ID?

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    If you know the company's Apple ID AND PASSWORD you could use that, but then everyone else who knew the Apple ID and password would share your email, music, apps, iMessages, Facetime, Reminders, Calendars, etc. So that is NOT a good idea.

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    Actually, each employee of the company has an Apple ID that is tied to his/her work email address and all of them have their own passwords.