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I'm looking for emails that I sent my accountant January/february this year and they are gone!  Can't see them in time machine either... can one search email in time machine?  It doesn't seem so for me.


-I'm looking specifically in my sent folder, but expanded search to All also

-I transitioned from pop to imap a few months ago when I started using the macbook and wanted more sync across computers. 

-it's not like all the messages are gone... there are plenty of emails but the specific ones I'm looking for are not there now, not sure how many others might be gone

-I checked all my computers and none are set to pop   none for erase off server

-I did have trouble setting up mail on my macbook... so I switched to thunderbird for that computer


What is the procedure for seeing emails on time machine? Don't I start it while in mail program and just roll the time back and I should see archived versions??


-The other variable is I upgraded from snow leop  to  mt lion about this same time- Jan/Feb   so I could use the cloud.  But wouldn't my old leopard mail archives still be intact even if lion did some mail restructure??



iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 8gig ram
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    Update...  Thanks for bearing w/me... I found the missing messages in time machine and recovered them

    I found that sent emails did have a gap... they were all gone for a period of a couple months... from the time I archived, on my mac, and swtiched to imap thru about a month ago are gone... They had deleted from the server even though settings say don't delete... I'll watch to make sure they aren't deleting still... maybe I had some setting back a month ago that caused deletion?? I"m still learning about this imap stuff.