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Whenever there's an IOS upgrade, I tell one of my devices (say it's my iPad), to ugprade via iTunes for OSX.  When I click on my iPhone, it tells me that it's downloading IOS for my iPad.


That's fine.   But when my iPad is done upgrading, and I click on my iPhone, it starts over as though nothing ever was downloaded.


That wasn't too bad at my old place, where I had a cable modem.    But I just moved where we have Wi-Fi.    This afternoon, it took 50 minutes to download to my iPad.    Then I had to leave.   When I got back, I had to reconnect (I suspect it found a different repeater).   Now my iPhone is saying 3 hours remaining in its download.   I'd better run cafeine to make sure it downloads.


Why does my second device seem to care that the first device is being upgraded - but then not use the download?

iPad, iOS 5, IOS 6