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I was transferring my hard drive from my old 2008 MacBook to my new MacBook Pro via ethernet cable (old MacBook didn't have a firewire port) and I ran into an error transferring my User information. It had been running for a couple of hours. Only about 40 of the 220 GB of data transferred before it ran into an error and skipped ahead to Applications (these seem to all have transferred successfully). The User information only partially transferred. None of my iPhoto library transferred, only about 5% of my iTunes library transferred... should I try to restart the process again? I don't really want to get duplicates of the files I already copied. I haven't really generated any new files on the Pro that mean anything to me, so I can wipe it all and start over if I have to. Or should I try something else? And if I restart the process again, how do I know it won't mess up again? Thanks.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)