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Hi all,


A few weeks ago i put my iphone 5 in the washing machine for about 30 seconds. I got it out ASAP but it was still noticably wet. I quickly padded it down and put it in a bag of rice for several days (luckily it was already out of battery when it went in).


After i had left it to dry out i plugged it in only to find the lightining cabel symbol comes up and it will not charge. So what i have done so far;


  • Changed battery- new battery still will not charge. However, when i did put a new battery in that held some charge the phone did turn on and everything was working fine.
  • Tried new lightning cable
  • Changed dock connector- still would not charge
  • Removed battery and cleaned entire phone with 99% isopropyl, dried and phone still would not charge.


I'm pretty lost here??? If everything was working fine when i put the new battery in apart from being able to charge i asssumed it must be the dock connector but apparently not.


I have heard it might be something to do with the USB/Power IC on the motherboard?? But im not sure if these can be replaced. I would just like to try everything myself before taking to apple as i know they will charge me a small fortune for out of warrenty repair.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3