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As a faithful Apple user I am deeply disappointed by the lack of response by Apple about the wifi problems many users (including myself) are experiencing. What makes the whole issue worse is the lack of a public statement by the company over this mess: calling the support doesn't take us anywhere as we are treated like idiots who can't use the device - "Are you sure your router is working properly?" - "Try with another wifi" - ""Have you tried to reinstall the Os"....


It's time Apple publicly acknowledges the problem and offer some sort of solution as more and more users (including myself) are swiftly thinking about switching to a more reliable company. It's very sad to witness the downfall of a good company like Apple who is basically refusing to acknowledge this problem. Leaving things in the dark won't help the reputation of the company, quite the opposite!


If it is not a hardware issue, as it maya well be, let us downgrade to a previous version of the iOS and check if it works.


I am on the verge of loosing my patience and frustration is building up too quickly. I have strong doubts I will be buying Apple's products in the future.