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I'm looking for strategies to best work on my new MacBook Pro to keep it synch'd with Mac Pro when i return from traveling.


-My main daily computer is a Mac Pro currently running latest Lion, (but I'm in process of clean installing Mt. Lion).

-My new MBP runs on latest Mt. Lion. I'm in process of installing all Mt. Lion compatible software.


I mostly work in Word, AppleMail, CS6 Photoshop, Excel, FileMaker, Acrobat. Safari. Nothing intensive render wise.


I make mirror bootable backup of my MP main drive on to my 1.5 TB Seagate FireWire portable drive before leaving on trip. So I have the latest filest on my MP available to me while traveling. I used to boot my previous Notebooks over the years off my external mirror drives, but this no longer works well because, the MBP fans don't spin when booted off the MP backup ext. drive and over heats immediately.


So I'm forced to boot my MBP off its internal Mt. Lion drive with my ext. Seagate just for file access.


What strategies do all you with a main home/Office Mac use when working remotely off a Mac Notebook so all is in sync on your return home?




Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 4-Core Mid 2012, 30" & 22" Display