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Woke up two days ago to find that loading certain pages like twitter and reddit were loading slow, and without images. Now all websites are taking an age to load. However my PC, macbook and all other devices can load pages fine, regardless of distance to router. The problem is the same using wifi or ethernet cable.


Tried googling the subject for the past days in my spare time, but none of the solutions such as repairing disk on disk utilty, changing dns servers, restarting and updating router and updating osx. Thought it may be my profile on the family computer so I deleted that and created a new one but that hasn't solved anything.


Attempted traceroute on various websites and that resulted with some nodes (?) showing 3 asterisks and other response times being large. Thats the top of my knowledge really.


Thank you for any help.

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    You appear to have tried most things.


    Try turning off IPv6.


    Try using Safari's Reset control with most boxes ticked.


    Try setting DNS server to on your Mac.


    Whilst changing DNS servers normally clears the DNS cache it is a good thing to flush the cache regularly - I flush mine once a day at boot.


    If you still have problems post a few bad links here.