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I work in French, and this language has accented letters (à, è, é, ê, ô, î, ï, etc.). When you put them in capital form, they must keep their accent along (À, È, É, Ê, Ô, Î, Ï, etc.).


In Keynote '09, when I use the master text box (body) with text alignment set to top and, on the first line, there is an accented capital letter, the accent shows up when editing the text. But when I deselect the text box, this very accent gets cut off by the master text box, like if anything outside the text box shouldn't appear. This shouldn't happen, since it doesn't do that in a regular text box, with or without columns. By the way, the inset is set to 4 pt in all cases.


It bothers me because the only way to make it work is to set the master text box inset greater than necessary, and to align things all together, I can't rely on alignment helpers...


I think this could be corrected in the next update or upgrade of Keynote. Anybody has the same problem and agrees?


How do we send suggestions like that to Apple iWork's development team?

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    Works OK for me here in the UK,   typed straight into standard layout with no special set up.



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    Here are some screenshots:


    1st one: when editing text

    Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.55.11 PM.png

  • Sacha Girard Level 1 (25 points)

    2nd one: master text box selected (not editing)

    Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.54.39 PM.png

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    3rd one: master text box deselected

    Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.54.59 PM.png

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    As you can see in the last screen shot compared to the first one, the accented glyphs' accents should appear a little bit higher above the box, but once the box is deselected, the accents get cut off.

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    Gary, what is the inset value in your screenshots?

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    Inset is 0


    This could be a Keynote 09 and Mountain Lion compatability issue, there are many recent posts showing strange behaviour that has never been an issue before.



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    The behavior I'm talking about is related exclusively to master text boxes, not to text boxes you can add at will in slides or master slides.


    I've been noticing this problem since the very beginning of Keynote, not only today, and not only under Mountain Lion.


    But as I can see in your screenshot, the accented letters aren't even getting close to the box's boundaries, even with Inset Margin set to 0. Which makes me think the font you used has a lower baseline, and mine is higher. Though it doesn't change the fact that the behavior described here affects master text boxes only...


    Still very weird!

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,847 points)

    Yes, I used the default title and bulleted boxes as the custom text box acts differently.

    I have never seen this effect in Keynote before.


    What font did you use, if there are other parameters you used I can test these in my version?

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    The font I used is Utopia. Inset Margin is set to 4.


    I just checked out in the White template with the default font (Gill Sans) and using the "Title & Bullets - 2 Column" Master slide as a base for the slide (because the vertical alignment is set to top by default) and the behavior is still the same: the accent gets cut off on the first line when it contains an accented capital letter. There again, the Inset Margin is set to 4 (seems to be default setup).


    I noticed another thing: when I increase font size, the cut off is even worst: I almost lose the accent completely! And when I decrease font size, there is still a cut off by about half of it.