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I work in French, and this language has accented letters (à, è, é, ê, ô, î, ï, etc.). When you put them in capital form, they must keep their accent along (À, È, É, Ê, Ô, Î, Ï, etc.).


In Keynote '09, when I use the master text box (body) with text alignment set to top and, on the first line, there is an accented capital letter, the accent shows up when editing the text. But when I deselect the text box, this very accent gets cut off by the master text box, like if anything outside the text box shouldn't appear. This shouldn't happen, since it doesn't do that in a regular text box, with or without columns. By the way, the inset is set to 4 pt in all cases.


It bothers me because the only way to make it work is to set the master text box inset greater than necessary, and to align things all together, I can't rely on alignment helpers...


I think this could be corrected in the next update or upgrade of Keynote. Anybody has the same problem and agrees?


How do we send suggestions like that to Apple iWork's development team?