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how would i transfer my pictures from dest computer to my ipad.? will I need a connection wire?

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    You can transfer photos from the computer to your iPad using iTunes.



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    The first time you sync with your computer you will use the cable that came with your iPad. It has either a lightning connector or 30 pin connector at one end and a USB connector at the other.


    First make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. iTunes 11 is presently the

    Latest version. Download and install that if you don't have it on your computer already.


    Then make sure your photos are organized and ready for transfer. On a Mac use iPhoto to create you various albums.


    On a pc create one main photo folder and inside that create one level of subfolders. Each subfolder will become an album on your iPad.


    Then start iTunes on your computer. Use the View menu in itunes to View Sidebar. Connect your iPad.

    Select your iPad in the left sidebar.

    To the right find the Photos tab and select it.

    Select to import your entire photo library or select just those albums you want on your iPad.


    On a pc you might have to show iTunes where your main photo folder is located.


    Once you had selected which albums you want on your iPad click on Apply or Sync at the bottom of the window.


    For future connections and syncs you can choose to do this wirelessly. The choices will appear under the Summary tab.