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I'm having problems with the wifi on my ipad 2, for the ipad to connect to the router i have to place it directly next to my router and it will connect with no problems but trying to connect to the router more then 1 metre away from the router the ipad doesn't find the router at all. This being my first ipad I just thought it was the way they are only for my brother to bring his ipad 1 to my house his ipad not only connects instantly to my router from anywhere in the house but also finds another 5 wifi connections. If I was to use my ipad upstairs in the room directly above the router it will stay connected for about 5 minutes and loses connection and I have to go down stairs and place the ipad2 next to the router for it to connect again where as my brother slept in the bedroom furthest away from the router and found the router and connected straight away and stays connected!


Is there something different in the way the ipad2 has been built or do you think I have a problem with my ipad?


I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.