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This 90-day timer is very frustrating, especially considering the fact that, when I try to sync my iPhone5 to iTunes on my new laptop, I get the message that it is already associated with another apple id...how can that be?? Must I really (really?) wait 80-something more days before I have the opportunity to correct this? What's to say I will be able to, considering this current 'association error' happened without my knowing how/when/why, etc.? Grrrr...Apple.

I seem to remember a prior post that mentioned Apple fixed that particular problem for them via phone? How do I get through to that helpful person? What channels do I follow when support depends on serial number or info unrelated to my question? Ugh - thanks in advance for the help - please word it as simply as you can because I feel like a real dunce.

iPhone 5, Windows 8, unable to sync my library in iTunes