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Using FCP7 on new 2012 iMac.


When I export a QuickTime reference movie (Export > QuickTime Movie > Uncheck "Make Movie Self Contained"), the resulting movie has blank video when it plays back (audio is OK).


This worked fine on previous iMac.


Do I now have to make each movie self-contained?  Or can I still create reference movies that will play?  (If so, how?)

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    LarrryC wrote:


    the resulting movie has blank video when it plays back (audio is OK).


    It's missing the video when played with the same system configration as it was when you did the export?



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    Yes -- same configuration.

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    Just to check a couple of easy things: Open your project to see whether somehow your video track was dimmed – say, by soloing, turning off the visibiity, disabling.


    The way you describe this, the only other causes that come to mind are that either the path between your project and the Capture Scratch files was somehow changed or that a codec has gone missing in your QT Library.


    As for a path change, my limited (since I seldom do reference movies) experience has been that QT Player will complain that it can't find the necessary file – as opposed to just showing a black screen. The black screen with audio only is what I would expect if I copied the reference movie to an entirely different computer from the one I created it on.


    You could the codec is still available by going the the Library>QuickTime and that it's functioning properly by exporting a short section of your sequence as a self-contained movie and playing it.



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    OK -- when I pull the reference .mov file into Compressor, it's there.  Plays fine and compresses fine.


    It's simply that the file won't play in QuickTime Player 8, without a blank screen.


    It does play fine in Quick Time Player 7.



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    Yes, referece movies are acceptable sources files in Compressor. (But if the codec was missing, it wouldn't have worked; and nor would it have played in QT7)


    BTW, I assume you meant it won't play correctlly in QTX. not QT8.


    I'm stumped. Hopefully someone else will chime in with better sleuthing.


    Good luck.