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My car (2010 VW) , which has a 30-pin cable already, played and charged my iPhone 3GS with no problem.  With my iPhone 5, using a lightning to 30-pin (0.2m) adapter it still gives me full audio control but no charging.  I updated my phone to 6.1.3, but it made no difference. Anyone else run into this?  Suggestions?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    I should add that I already exchanged the adapter once, thinking it was defective, but got the same issue with the new one.

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    Another update:




    Once in the last 10 - 15 times I've plugged it in, it miraculously started charging.  I haven't been able to reproduce, though.....

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    Try switching the cable 180degrees


    use that cable in a BMW and works perfectly

    You may still have a faulty cable ( it is a genuine Apple cable )??

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    Thanks.  Tried switching the cable 180 degrees, still nothing.  It is a genuine Apple adapter, and I've already exchanged it once.

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    Alright, another update:   I tried another iPhone 5, which did not charge, and an iPod touch (without the lightning adapter, obviously), which also did not charge.  Additionally, I tried the lightning to 30-pin adapter with an old sync cable and my computer, and it worked fine.  At this point, it appears that the problem may be in the MDI cable coming from the car, rather than the adapter.  Perhaps it was just coincidental that it stopped working at the same time I upgraded.