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Hi everyone, I still own a MBP running 10.6.8 and I recently used a Nikon D800. The problem I now have is that I can get a quick look of my images using the space bar. Looking at different posts on similar problems I'm not sure what I now have to do to be able to see a thumbnail image of my D800 files. I know the problem probably come from my camera raw version installed on my MBP, I tried to find the 3.11 version that was released after D800 was put on the market but I couldn't find it. The only version I can find is 3.12 and higher but these versions won't install on my computer.  A message about iPhoto and Aperture being outdated shows up when I try to install.

What are the options to get the quicklook feature and the thumbnail image to work with my D800 files?

Where is version 3.11 and how do I install it even if iPhoto is not up to date. I only use Photoshop CS5.

Will I have to upgrade to Mountain Lion to get the functions back and if I do, will CS5 still work?


Thanks Serge