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I was wondering if I can boot into 10.5 from an external FW HD? I am wanting to have the option of booting to 10.5 for a specific need AND keep my dual boot capability for 10.4/9.2.2. I was going to install 10.5 on a second internal HD, but it is a SCSI drive and does not show up as available for installing 10.5. An option I have is a spare 20 Gb drive I could hook up internally and install to that. The only thing I would be putting on either drive is the OS - nothing else. Can anyone offer thoughts on how best to proceed and/or problems with either scenario (ext HD install if possible to boot or internal HD)? Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can offer.

G4 MDD, Mac OS X (10.4.11), M-Audio Delta 44, A1038 Display