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I keep getting a pop-up every time I try to use Snapchat. It says "Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications." I just got the phone yesterday, so I have nothing to restore it to. I've tried doing a full system restart and this does nothing. I've deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times. I've tried to use a friends AppleID thinking that it may have something to do with my login, but that does not work either. I don't have an Apple Store anywhere near me, but if I have to, I can take it back to AT&T. Help?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    If there's nothing on the device, i would recommend a restore as new through itunes. this is an issue with the operating system and you need a fresh install of it

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    I did, however, have an iPhone 3GS before I upgraded yesterday. When I tried to restore, it tried to put all of my old apps that were connected to my Apple account on my new phone. My phone was working just fine until today when I called AT&T and had another issue. They told me to reset it by holding the lock button and home button. Ever since then, I have been having the "Push Notification" problem.

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    yeah... it's obnoxious when they tell people to do that. the only reason you should ever do a hard reset of your phone is if it's frozen and unresponsive. otherwise, don't do it. it's like unplugging your computer when it's in the middle of doing a process

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    Great...well the good news is, I still have 13 days to return it if I have any problems. I'm going to guess that AT&T is going to get a visit from me very soon. Hooray for great technical support...

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    My iphone 4S is doing the same thing, when i updated to the new software. Don't hurry to return your iphone, your iphone is not the problem. Apparently there are several people having this issue, I think we just have to be patient its a bug they have to sort out w/the new software update. 

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    About 6 weeks i had to completely reload my 4S and restore from backup.  Since then I've been receiving the same "Connect to iTunes..." message many times from many apps.


    I have just loaded iOS 7, and still get it for a few of the apps i've tried.

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    The solution was posted here but there is a problem because you need a software not approved by apple.

    It's not a problem of the phone, it's a problem of the activation proces.

    You need a method tho deactivate your phone and activate again. If you search the internet maybe can find an "alternative method" to deactivate your phone.

    Sorry, but I can not tell you more.

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    Google Voice is doing the same thing....urgh!

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    I keep on getting the same for "Snapchat, Whatsapp, BBC, and others"..
    I really need a solution.. my lifes just soo lonely without these apps. this is super urgent.

    Apple needs to do something about it.

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    Same problem for me also. Apparently a lot of people are having this problem. This is not the only annoying problem I am having with this crappy upgrade. The best part is that we can no longer downgrade. Great technical support Apple.


    Android is looking pretty good to me right now.