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audio codec problem - for the mac x 10.4 and even quicktime will not produce audiomovies :() but here is just the first place I am posting concerning this problem my mac friends .... hehe might be in possession of these codecs... right now nothing really works audio side.  my movies fine... but no audio...


if you can help thank you in advance...

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), dual 2.3 ghz powerpc g5 1.5 gb ddr2
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    Hi, here's 10.4.11 Audio Sytem files on my Quad G5, do you have these?


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    It would be the last two components are mission in fact there are no components in my resources folder.  These need installation somehow.  everything else I have the kernel extensions core audio component and audiocodecs component


    It never ends ..


    So what do i do to find these files? and install them?


    Thanks in advance, I am starting to get the mac addict back in me...


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    I can't remember where those came from, I vaguely remember QT Pro might have had it, then something about Apple not owning mpeg rights & that QT component being available for a few bucks.


    Then, I wonder if it came with something like Perian?