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I edited one song in Adobe Premiere and exported it as XML for final editing in FCP 7 then for color grading it I again exported XML for COLOR.


By the way I did rendered the complete song in FCP and then exported its XML.



My query is I have completed the color gradation in COLOR now i want the files to be rendered and get a complete .mov file of complete song.


SO how to do that in COLOR? i am quite familiar with DPX export in Color but not Quicktime export. So I went to 'Render Queue' then 'Add Unrendered' then

'Start Render' but it started rendering each single clip also some other clips((optional shots)) from the timeline which were like not used in the song or were below the main layer.


Also my question is after it renders all the Quicktime files how can i get a complete and single file of song?


Also after Color renders each clips does it automatically create a single file?


Very less time is remaining for the project to be submitted so urgent help would be helpful.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You need to bone up on Color, because it appears you don't know how it does anything.  Not trying to be snarky, but honest.  You are not understanding the basics of Color.


    In FCP, you SEND TO COLOR.  This then sends an XML to Color that points it to the existing media on the timeline.  ALL of the media on the timeline...even stuff under other stuff on the sequence. This is why you need to clean up the sequence before you send to Color. 


    In the Color preferences and setup, you tell it where to render to (it defaults to your DOCUMENTS folder on your main hard drive) and how long you want the handles to be.


    Then, you grade.


    Then, you send all the clips to the RENDER area...and render.  What this does is make a separate clip for every clip on the timeline. They are put in folder in the COLOR RENDERS folder...you'l have numbered folders 1 thru however many shots you have.  In there, the files are called g-1 inside the 1 folder, g-2 inside the 2 folder.  But that's not something you mess with...that's just where the files are.  Color renders out every clip as a separate file, with handles if you told it to do handles.


    When you are done grading, you SEND TO FCP.  This will send the whole sequence back to FCP.  All the clips on the timeline link to those g-1 and g-2 files...individual files.  Now you can export a self contained QT file...that's how you get a single QT.

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    Thanks a ton Shane, I appreciate and yeah true i dont have complete and detailed understanding of Color I accept that.


    So now I have done the color corrections and still the optional clips are still existing in timeline what should be preferred? {Also i didnt use 'Send to Color' instead i imported XML in Color(i think it would be same thing as send to color, again sorry for my ignorance..lol) }


    1.) Go to FCP timeline, delete the unused clips, again Send to Color ?(Would the previously color corrected clips still exist)?


    2.) Render all clips(unused too) and follow the procedure you mentioned?


    thanks again for this quick reply and aplogise for my ignorance.

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    >1.) Go to FCP timeline, delete the unused clips, again Send to Color ?(Would the previously color corrected clips still exist)?


    Why send to color again?  You already graded the piece, no?  Just render everything and export the single file.  If you want to clean up after the fact, go for it.  Next time, clean up BEFORE...saves on render time and space.


    Or did you send to color at all yet? 

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    Thanks Shane,


    Rendered everything and yep from next time would cleanup before sending to Color....


    Thanks again!