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Hi I'm stuck in a predicment, I want a new mac AND a gaming PC soooo i said hey ill get a mac pro best of both worlds is a mac that is stable and can still run windows, Now i want to play games like skyrim, sins, crysis, at least medium setting with a good FPS im thinking quad core 3.2, 8GB of ram now should i go with the dual 5770's for 200 or add 50 bucks more and get just 1 5870? is their going to be a hudge gaming difference?


Question 2 i hear OSX can NOT use 2 cards at onc


and 3 if i get the 5870 can i just go to tiger direct and pick up another one and just link them with cross fire? what is my better option!!!! please help im eger to buy my most pricey mac yet haha

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)