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...I thought I could get around the kernel panic by saving impt. files and then erasing and reloading my OSX from the original disk and then updating to 10.5.8 and then downloaded other programs like Word and the drivers for my printer...Anyway, things seemed good for awhile, and then, I believe after downloading the latest update of Microsoft Office Mac things started getting hinkey again w/Safari shutting down when it it felt like it. I thought maybe Safari was my problem so I downloaded Firefox (3.6? for non-Intel Macs) and things actually seemed to work...I surfed the net etc. and it al seemed to work w/no error messages. I shut the computer down and when I tried to start it back up I pushed the start button, the chimes sounded and things clicked like they were working, my monitor came on,  a blue screen appeared and the spinning wheel was spinning away...but nothig booted up and the mini started a cycle of shutting itself off and restarting w/no boot up...Read some stuff online and one suggestion was to strat up the mini while holding down the alt/option key and when I did three icons appeared on screen: a C-shaped arrow, aHD icon w/an "X" next to it and the third icon was just a straight arrow pointing right...any suggestions would be appreciated! TB

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8)