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Hello all,


I did a quick search and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for so I'm hoping the community here can help.


I'd like to switch the entire content of my original scratch-disk to a new (faster) HD.  Would this be a matter of copying and pasting everything FCP related into the new HD, setting the new scratch-disk to point to the new HD and then locating all my files again at start-up of the project?


I'm switching HD's b/c:


1.  My old drive kept hanging up (too slow) and it made editing almost impossible at times.

2.  It was running out of space.


Thank you!

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    One thing to note is that I have all the 'raw' and 'convert' files in a seperate folder, should I copy both said folder and "final cut pro documents" folder onto my new HD?


    I'm thinking since it's the source material FCP will be able to recognize it and use it. 



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    here's the trick.  Maintain the exact "path" to the media on the new drive (the folder structure) and name the new drive the same as the old scratch disk.  FCP should see no difference and link to the media without any need to reconnect.  If that's not clear, post back.

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    Or use Media Manager to consolodate and move the project to a different location. If you use MM, all links to files are maintained.



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    Hey Studio X, are there any advantages to using Media Manager?  I have seen problems using it occasionally while moving the material and maintaining folder structure etc has been pretty foolproof in my experience.

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    MM was very buggy in v4 and v5. So much so it was generally referred to as "Media Mangler" .


    It was greatly improved in v6 and v7. I haven't had issues with the later versions.


    The main problem with it now is the documentation is not exceptionally clear and a poor choice for how to handle the media can lead to a disaster.





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    Hello Michael


    Thanks for chiming in.  Are you referring to only naming the folders the same?  I've already copy and pasted everything over to the new drive.  I haven't done any editing yet b/c I don't want to screw anything up with missing files etc.


    Please respond back.