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I enjoy audiobooks from the public library, but only about half the collection is available in mp3 format.  Those in wmv format can be played on an Apple device, but the file must be transferred using iTunes on a Windows computer.  I have a Mac at home and Windows at work, but I can't transfer a book at work without erasing my personal music (from CDs, not iTunes) from my iPhone.  If I want to put the music back on, the book will be erased.


I have been told that syncing with only one iTunes library at a time is to combat fraud, but I can't help feeling that I am being treated like a criminal because I can't sync legally borrowed material from a second computer.  This wasn't a problem with my 2G iPod Touch.


Is there any way to get borrowed wmv audiobooks onto an iPhone without losing everything else? I asked Apple and was told to contact Overdrive Media; I asked Overdrive and they said it's Apple's problem.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3