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I bought a new laptop and the first thing I installed was iTunes 11.  Everything appeared to work and play just fine.  I then mistakingly started playing around with Windows Media player, but mainly for my song audio files to stream with my Xbox and PS3.  After I got that working, I stopped and went to play a video and found that while the picture was okay, the audio was stuttering and not in sync and just plain aweful.  After reinstalling iTunes I still had the problem.  I then installed QuickTime and tried playing a video and it worked, no stuttering or out of sync audio.  I tried iTunes again and it still was off and horrible.  Its almost like a codec is wrong or something, but I can't seem to get it work right even but completely uninstalling and reinstalling, or renaming the iTunes folder and installing it again cleanly.  HELP!  This is just too frustrating!

iTunes 11, Windows 8, Asus Q200e, i3, 4gb, Intel HD4000