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    Those 99% may not be posting. Just calling tech support. Some times I get a cool tech support agent, and the tech guy tells me all his phone calls are due to battery drain. Even my Apple store said the same thing about the update and iPhone not lasting as long as it use to. This isn't the only forum on battery drain, Some people go elsewhere because of all the rules of posting on here, I think some of the rules are a joke myself. I don't have it backwards! I've done my home work on this issue for months! Starting with 6.0.2. A lot of people I know have switched out phones for another one because of the battery. I don't want to get in a B------g match over who's right and who's wrong. This battery drain problem has been going on for months! I hope Apple has a fix soon.

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    Make sure you turn off everything!! so you can't use it like you  New song! Turn it off!

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    Correct! Can't downgrade. Ios 6.0.2 was the only firmware Apple gave a month to downgrade because of the battery issues with that firmware. I had it on my ipad mini....omg! It wouldn't last a couple hours before my ipad mini was dead! Apple is on top of every firmware that's released. So you can't downgrade. I think people should be able to downgrade. Rules rules rules rules, Apple will release another firmware soon, you'll see. 6.1.4 or 6.2?

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    Same problem with me as well. Cant understand how is the compant being run!! first the map fiasco and now the upgrade one. Its been 3 upgrades in a row that have had some problems. Is there no quality review rocess before releasing these to the world.

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    Correction: it has been about 24 upgrades in a row where some people have had a problem. There has never been an update where no one had a problem. And I guarantee that there will be people who have problems with whatever the next update is.

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    There is nothing in this update that would cause battery drain.

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    Lawrence Finch wrote:


    Fids0769 wrote:


    Hi everyone,


    Just something that I realized since i have upgraded to 6.1.3. When i go to settings and check the battery use, it says that the standby and the utilisation time are the same. Maybe the problem the batterey drainage comes from here. The iPhone is never in standy mode and even if the screen is black, the system is still running. I didn't have that before. I tried a reboot but it didn't change anything. Are you facing the same problem?

    Good observation. This means that some app is running continuously in background. You need to figure out which app it is and kill it. Start by killing all of the apps in the Quick Launch ribbon. If the problem persists it is a built in app, most likely Mail if you have a Push account such as MS Exchange, iCloud, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Go to Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendars, tap on the name of any Push accounts and turn off all of the switches (mail, contacts, calendar, notes, etc). Then reboot the phone by holding HOME and SLEEP until an Apple logo appears. Finally go back into settings and turn the switches back on.


    This process will kill any pending transmissions that are failing and retrying.


    This worked very nicely. Battery life back to normal.


    Thank you for your expertise Lawrence Finch!

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    hi i have an iphone 5 and since the uptade to ios 6.1.3 the battery really ***** it drains without even looking it, this is making really upset, APPLE do something its not a 2 dollars phone

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    Two comments on this thread:


    -- I'm amazed at the number of people who post on this forum simply to re-post a version of Steve Jobs' classic "You're holding it wrong" statement.  The iPhone, like any other computer, is a complex beast, and the answer "it's not happening on MY phone, so it must be your fault" is simply silly. 


    -- This is yet another issue that would be greatly helped by a little more transparency on Apple's part.  Could these issues all be a result of a hung/rogue process?  Absolutely.  Has Apple provided any visibility to allow folks to debug these issues?  Not really.  All that is needed is the ability to list active processes and their CPU usage (like every other OS I know of provides).  Why is this not available?


    The Reality Distortion Field needs to be buried once and for all...

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    This is absolutely a real problem. I updated to iOS 6.1.3, without any other changes to my phone whatsoever, and now it's started a noticeable, and dramatic, battery drain. The attitude that "this isn't happening on 100% of phones, so it must not be real" or "you haven't figured out a way to fix it yourself so it must be your fault" is ludicrous. I have not changed any settings, nor added any apps, yet it's draining at over 10x the rate it did before the update.

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    I have the same problem with battery drain. With no other apps open, if I leave the screen active in settings, I can see battery starting to drain given less than 5 minutes. I feel the top of the phone around the front camera area to warm up and get hotter. I am wondering if others also notice the phone getting hotter around the same area. Because of the area where it gets hot, it makes me relate the battery drainage I am experiencing to that when I use Facetime.

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    I experienced the same battery drain since downloading 6.1.3 and tried the suggested fix mentioned here and it seemed to work. I'll see how tomorrow goes.

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    I have tried all solutions in this thread as well as others and there has been some improvement. not much drain on idle screen. it seems to depend on the apps you use from what i can see as the battery drains a little faster when using a few apps but its less than before now. Here is what i did ---


    1.Full restore from itunes.

    2.put off all noticfications for each and every app.

    3.turned off icloud.

    4.put push to off for all email accounts.

    5.drained battery by playing games with full screen brightness till the phone went off.

    6.kept it on charging and reset network settings and put the phone on airplane mode.

    7.Once it was completely charged i played hawx 2-3 missions,texting on watsapp,little bit of emails and twitter and the battery drained to 48% after 5 hours. It would drain a lot faster before.


    I also read it helps if you do a full battery drain and full recharge 3 times.....not sure how will that help but gonna give it a try. I updated my phone as soon as i got it and connected it to itunes. Not sure how the battery life was on 6.1.2. Can only hope apple fixes this soon otherwise a really good phone. I have used nokias,blackberrys,andriods but ios really stands apart.

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    It's a software issue with the newer phones. Happens to my 4s but my wife's 3Gs on 6.1.3 doesn't do it.


    Forget all the fixes here. All it will do is have the same issue again in a few days.


    The issue is that iOS for some reason, reports the wrong %. For example. Yesterday I noticed it was doing it yet again. Sure enough, just above 3 hours usage and it was at 11%. So, what I do is: wait until it is at less than 15% battery.  I noticed it was at 11% so I did my fix. I close all open apps and press the lock and home buttons at the same time. Hold them until the phone shuts down. When I turn it back on, the percentage is now at 18%. I knew then it was fixed. Now I'm at 20% and over 4 hours. And when you're doing Internet and Internet video on 3G the most I expect is right around 5 hours or 4:40 min.


    Sometimes it would tell you 91% you force shut down and it comes back at 88% or vice versa.


    When I see the battery is going down too quickly, sometimes I look and it's at 10% and instead of going to 9% it goes straight to 7% and then 4% and maybe shuts down after that.


    Anyway. That's what I do. Wait until its about 10% and force shut down with both buttons. Turn it back on and see if the % changes.


    Also, let it drain all the way and shut down. Charge it to 100% and when it is fully charged do the forced shut down thing.

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    Yeah i forgot to mention the hard reset thing....I did tat too and after that less drainage. Could be some background process eating the battery.

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