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  • stuartfromyealmpton Level 1 (0 points)

    My I phone 5 is also draining power at an alarming rate since the 6.1.3 update it is getting very hot. I have tried the basic fixes.  I have turned off the data network so no 3G data when I am out and about.  It is working ok when I am using wi fi and get my normal battery use.  Apple please do something about this as I can not use my phone as you have advertised.

  • Papasin73 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been saying the same thing. Also it's the firmware. People come on here and say it isn''s the user of the phones fault and don't know how to use it/ set it up  more and more iPhones are being updated slowly, so now people are coming here trying a fix, doesn't


    6.1.3 is the problem and Apple needs to fix it!! Now!! I'm so sick of my ipad mini, wifi only draining so fast! Seems like Apple doesn't care or Apple believes their is no battery problem. I'm gonna go with both. Thank you Apple.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Haha ok Its fine if you dont care what I say as my battery works fine so only you have anything to loose. So as for your proof, you need to go looking through all these forums and read the replies that folks say "this resolved my issue" when speaking of a restore or reset all settings or reset network settings or delete and add back exchange email accts after any upgrade. Look back since iOS 5 (I wont ask you to go further because you probably wont even look at all) but there are countless folks who state those above items have resolved their issues that appears immediately after an update process. No where have I said to turn off any features. However its common since that you dont need every application running notifications or locations all the time. Only having the ones you need is he correct (Apple specified BTW) process for any smart phone.  However if you choose to have everything on for every app thats your choice but it comes at a cost. Anyway you can state whatever you want but the reality is there are fixes that do work and have been for a long time thoughout the life of iOS.  To answer your question "Tell me this? Why does it work for some and not others?", its because of an upgrade gone bad or a rougue app or setting in your particular device. if you think about it if it were entirely iOS version 6.1.x at fault  then everyone would have issues correct?  All I can tell you is you can be bull headed if you want and keep ranting here doing yourself or no one else any good, or try and see if maybe just maybe some of here actually know what we are talking about. Restore your device using iTunes. Do NOT install any apps and see how it performs. If it still performs bad then you have a bad device,battery r in an area with poor signal causing drain.. IF it works then  add your stuff back  and see when it breaks again (yes when) then you can laugh your A** off because you didn realize that AppX was doing Y causing all these issues. If you are at all interested, WhatsApp, Facebook and most any app constantly looking for locations or GPS are great places to look the the offending application.  BTW you also stated that your iPad works great now. What  do you mean by "now"? Did you do something to it? What iOS version is it running? Also think about this. iPad does not use cellular so a poor signal area would not cause any issues on iPad yes?


    Again If you want the "proof " you asked for for me to be able to respond to your posts read through the thousands of threads regarding battery life after any update you want and you will see countless responses of "Thanks that solved my issues" responding to some of the fixes mentioned.



    Papasin73 wrote:


    We can go back and fourth with this! But I don't care what you's the firmware! Lol I did a lot of the steps posted here and elsewhere, at first battery worked great! Than it went down again. I'm not getting the battery usage I use to get when I first received my ipad mini on November 2nd. My son had an update for his android phone, no problems with the battery. Same settings, same apps. When and if Apple admits the firmware was the cause of the battery drain I'm gonna laugh my blank off. Or if some other update comes out and people are getting better battery life ill do the same, laugh my blank off.


    Almost everyone at the Apple store doesn't have a battery problem? I'm sure! No one from Apple will admit it, only a few have told me they believe its the firmware. I say the sky is blue, you say it's purple. I'm right on this one. You can say people have fixed their battery all you want, all they did was disable features on the iPhone. Tell me this? Why does it work for some and not others? As soon as someone updates the battery fails? Something got caught up during the update? Lol...all of this makes me laugh because I have NO PROOF these fix it yourself works.


    Please don't reply to my posts unless you have solid proof. My ipad works great now! Thanks!'s that easy.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Thanks for responding and letting the folks here know. Glad that resolved your issue. BTW here is one instance of Proof that Papasin whatever was asking for.


    krotik wrote:


    Hello guys, had the same problem with battery drainage after updating to 6.1.3 - BUT it gone when i did RESET my IPHONE in itunes. Now it's back to normal. Try it!

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Yes its a software problem. Typically caused by the update process itself. The reset all settings option only resets all the iPhoines default settings to the versions for that particular version of iOS. It does not remove your apps or data so you are safe to do it. You will have to add any wifi networks back in and change your wallpaper back. Plus any settings you have modified like turning off diagnostica and data or timezone location stull like that. Just do it and when it reboots select set up as new and run through the wizard and within a few minutes you wull be back at your desktop with all your apps intact. As a 2nd part of the process, allow the device o drain all the way down until it turns itself off. Then plug in and allow it to charge undisturbed for at least 1.5 hrs past when it shows 100% (overnight is great).  Thats' it!  As for other tips to help get the most out of your battery you may not have seen mentioned, do the following:

    settings>privacy>location and way down at the bottom system settings, Turn off all except Cell network,Compass and traffic.

    While in settings>privacy>location turn off any apps you dont really need knowing your location. If you use it or want it leave it on otherwise off is a better option

    Now settings>general>about and down near bottom diagnostics and usage (set to do not send) Thats not really needed unless Apple support asks you to turn it on.

    Lastly any notifications you dont use or need (maybe stocks app for example) turn off. Again if you want it or need it certainly leave it on but if not turning those unneeded ones off does wonders for battery life in general. Good luck!

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Great glad you are working ok now! Thanks for updating us all. Papasin another one.

    Sir Icaro wrote:


    Thank you it works for me also! For now...

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    The temporary status is most likely some particular app you have. Highly doubt its iOS itself. I know you cant but if you could leave it at defaults for say a week or two weeks and see if iOS is broken and causing your issue. If the device continues working past the few days you mentioned then add a few apps back by syncing with iTunes OR restore your backup (which could put the issue back) .perform the reset all settings after you restore the backup if you choose that option. I suspect you will see there is  some particular app causing this and it starts up after you launch it in a few days or so.

    thai_iphone4 wrote:


    The issue is the % is being read wrong. I think that's the issue for sure.


    Many of the "fixes" will work. Lets say, you restore the phone as new. Erase everything. Install everything again. Your apps. Set up your emails; everything. Works!


    Calendar iCloud issue. Reset that. Works!


    Location services going nuts. Works!


    Everything works. Hard Resetting the phone after deleting iCloud and emails. Works.


    All of it may work or some of it may work for you.


    The problem is that these fixes are TEMPORARY. After a few days of using the phone and charging it, the OS goes right back to reading it wrong and a week later, you're back at square ONE.


    I've stopped trying to fix it. Only an update will.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Actually it should take 3 to 4 hrs to fully charge the device if battery totally drained. Disregarding the percentage meter. It will show 100% a bit sooner but is not fully charged yet. If you are having to charge the battery every 12 hrs and are not using it there is some app running in the background causing that drain. You should see about 1% every 2 hrs if just in standby and not using the phone at all. Other than that there is an APP running causing I can promise you. Email hung checking mail, or iCloud hung syncing, or some app constanting reporting your location.

    Ameli29 wrote:


    I've also noticed that instead of usual 1.5 hour it takes for a phone to fully charge, it takes over 2.5 hours now after the update.

    Whoever wrote the apps are draining the battery, I'd have to disagree with that person.

    Some apps could start draining battery, but not to the extent of having to charge the phone every 12 hours.

    It's up to software, and I had written even before the latest update that it's ridiculous to have a

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Yep again the update process itself creates these issues THATS what Apple needs to fix. Been around for a long time. The best way to update, close all apps from recents bar, reboot the device, then update via iTunes.  It seems that if folks have stuff running then start an update it goes all to H***. Maybe OTA with a poor connection to wifi or who knows but its common and has been around a long time. That is why reset all settings or reset network settings help a lot of users after an update. Same as the deal you posted sorta, iCloud hangs up in a sync condition and never stops and causes heating up battery and draining it like crazy. Email same deal.  At least 1 item in iCloud is the Safari bookmarks sync. Have seen a lot of reports of that guy getting hung and causing excessive drain. Glad that resolved your issue and thanks for posting it.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Just curious, you keep saying Apple dont care, have you actually contacted them or visited an Apple store? Your iPad mini is still under warranty. Apple does not respond here if thats what you are referring to and thinking that they dont care because they have not answered your rants. This is a user only forum. Best option for you is to visit an Apple store for resolution. At least for your iPad mini.  Which I read in one of your earlier posts you said was fixed now. If it really is not functioning like it should you really should take it to them for fix or exchange while its still new and under warranty (Or perhaps you dont really own Apple gear and are here just stirring up folks guess thats possible too). Hmm

    Papasin73 wrote:


    6.1.3 is the problem and Apple needs to fix it!! Now!! I'm so sick of my ipad mini, wifi only draining so fast! Seems like Apple doesn't care or Apple believes their is no battery problem. I'm gonna go with both. Thank you Apple.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    Here is some "solid proof" that iOS 6.1.3 can work fine. This is my 1.5 yr old 4s with 6.1.3. not a new battery by any means. And no i dont have everything turned off. Just a few items I dont use or need as listed earlier. I have 4 email accts (2 of which are set up for exchange with push enabled on 1)




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    Same! before update my Iphone5 was fine, today I had to charge it twice and it's already under 10% without me using it! Apple plese fix it ASAP!!!!

  • Ameli29 Level 1 (0 points)

    I know that on a standby my iPhone 4S battery should be losing about 0.5% per hour, the way it used to work before all 6.1.* updates, but it's not.

    As for iCloud, don't use it. It's "inactive".

    2 e-mail accounts. Contacts, calenders, reminders, notes for those 2 accounts are off.
    Fetch new data setting is set manually.

    As for apps running, they are the same apps running I had back in October.

    Not many, by the way.

    Location service is on only for a weather app.

    Maybe there's a very simple trick that could improve the battery life on my iPhone that used to be about the same as what's stated on a screenshot that you had posted.

    Talking to Apple support techs and personel had been a very pleasant experience for me, but going to an Apple store after making numerous appointments through Genius Bar turned out to be a huge dissapointment.

    Came across some major snobism and unprofessionalism.

    But, would applaud to two Apple techs at that store who turned out to be very courteous, and professional.


    I think some twitches could work for fixing issues for some, but not for all users.

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    Yes! I just got my phone replaced and it came with 6.1.3 loaded on and it drops three percent for just unlocking the screen and opening a app. Apple as a former apple employee for a year in a half i have never seen such bad quality control failure as this. A great product just lost a great feature - awesome battery life! I do have a iPhone 5 - tried hard reset, network settings reset, turning iCloud off and then back on. Nothing is resolving this issue. Since typing this post ive dropped two percent.

  • Papasin73 Level 1 (0 points)

    Welcome to the battery drain club. Apple with all the money they have I would think we would see a fix in a week! But morons work in the software dept. fix the mother blanking problem already! Or are these people just imagining the battery is draining faster! What did the one tech guy say...? Placebo come on! Why did I update!!! It's so much worse, 6.1.2 wasn't as bad as this new up..6.1.3!


    Can't take anymore stupid help from Apple! Even Apple tries to do a reset and the rest of the none fixes, omg. Just a stupid bunch of people in the software dept. ALL these updates are making things worse!! Give me a refund on my ipad mini because it states it last 10 hours! Nope...maybe six if I type quick.

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