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    Lol....I could care less about this. I know Apple will do a 6.1.4 to keep people happy, 6.1.4 may have bugs in that one also. Apple has lost it's touch, I'm not saying they don't care, but we are not getting the old Apple, the brand new shiny one....I see this battery problem playing out for a long time. I'm know for a fact that Apple will work on a new fix, maybe for the battery? Maybe for the lock screen pass code? Don't know don't care. Apple products use to be great! The firmware is getting like windows/Microsoft. My battery is I'm done typing.




    Thank you Apple......not really.

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    Ive always wanted an apple phone to use twitter instagram and facebook more frequently and I had always heard good things about it, so when I got my first one in june 2012 (4s) I was so happy, until the 6.1.2 and now 6.1.3 came out. Then everything went down hill. Im seriously considering getting the juice pack battery cover if this persists. APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS BATTERY DRAINAGE ISSUE ASAP thanks.

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    I turned off the 3G feature and it now seems to work better.      I went over 24 hours without recharging.


    I wish Apple allowed you to go back to prior OS versions.      My phone worked fine before the new and improved OS 6.......       

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    there is definitely an issue with ios, i have turned off almost everything and did almost every "fix" from this thread, but it gives me the same 7 hours of usage.. ill wait for 6.1.4, and if it wont be perfect - im preparin this one grand thing for selling. such dissapointed

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    Hi everybody before excuse for my english very bad,


    i buy yesterday an iphone 5 black 32GB  and i have a iph4 with the famous problem battery drain with ios 6 1 3


    For my iphone 5 i charge today and now use=>1hour , 23 min and on not use=>4 hours 22 min with now 87% off baterry its good or not ?


    with the iph5 iam on 6.0.1 i should to update or not ?


    and for iph4 even i restore the device the same probleme happened


    im so confused with this update


    thanks to responding

  • RJV Bertin Level 3 Level 3 (950 points)

    sounds good to me ...

    You can update to 6.1.2 . Make a backup of your iphone5 first, then to be sure to a full wipe/reset as if you would sell it, updAte over iTunes, and then restore as if you just got a new phone.


    Btw, did you install your new phone by restoring a backup of your 4s? That'd be interesting!

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7 (28,240 points)

    You can't update to iOS 6.1.2. It is no longer signed by Apple.


    In any event, iOS 6.1.3 is not the problem here.

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      Yesterday I was in the mall and there is an Apple store in there so....I took my iphone 5 ios 6.1.3 in to the techs. Here is what I was told and how it was fixed: My update had gotten corrupted and the modem was bombing out. So that is what was draining my phone. I hadn't used it and it was at 80% at 10am. The fix was to backup to icloud (which I had done) and then completely restore the phone to factory settings. The tech did it through itunes, so the phone was now plugged in. He said my update was corrupted by doing it "over the air" and by not having it plugged in to a power source. After the restore and all my apps reloaded back onto the phone I was good to go.

       However, I noticed that my battery was still draining quickly last night, so I let it get down pretty low and then turned off all icloud settings and did a hard reset (hold down home button and on/off button, until apple appears).Then I turned back on all the icloud settings. (I really don't know if this makes any difference)  Then I plugged it in to charge for the night.

      It is now 11:27am and I am still at 96% and have used the phone for texting and email. So I have my fingers crossed that my battery issue is fixed. If the problem is all these phones got corrupted updates, then Apple isn't going to be putting out an another update so fast.

       So I know this is another fix and it takes some time, but it worked for me, for now. I will update if my phone seems to resort back to draining again. Good luck!

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    Well so far my iPhone 5 seems to be back to normal.  24 hours and still @ 63% --  24 Hour usage: 2.75 hrs talk, 4.5 hrs music play through dock w/ lightning adapter cable (not charging) and average day (for me) of texts / emails / browsing (approx 1.5 hrs) and overnight standby.  Seems I'm back to an every other day charge cycle.


    All I did was turn off facetime and iCloud Docs and data and reset after each setting change.  Note; both features were turned on during the 6.1.3 update.

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    So is the 'fix' to go in and TURN OFF ALL ICLOUD 'ons' in SETTINGS?  Before updating to 6.1.3? Why dont they just tell you that to begin with? That's what I am doing, we'll see how it goes.


    PS re 'corruption' over wireless update... I can't imagine even doing one. I do update apps that way but always use WIRED iTunes to update iOS.. Makes sense to me that works better, especially with my iffy wifi DSL..but that is another problelm.

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    You can do a wireless update, if you have a good wifi connection, but you should plug into a power source. Nothing wrong with my wireless, my problem occured with not plugging in the phone. There is a suggestion that you should plug the phone in when doing an update, but only to conserve power.

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    No.  I just followed 2 seperate suggestions posted earlier.  First I turned off facetime and reset.  Then turned off just the Documents and Data in iCloud and reset.  I had both these features off to begin with but they were turned on with the 6.1.3 update on my iPhone 5.


    Update:  I just 'woke up'  my MacBook air for the first time since the IOS update and it had popups onscreen about authorizing facetime and icloud with other devices.  Didn't really read the whole popup, just closed the windows....   The same (or similar) message had appeard earlier on my iPad 3 (not updated to 6.1.3) but I didn't pay attention either.  I am beginning to think that maybe the various battery issues after the update may be due to the phones trying to reconnect / sync with the original shared features / devices.  My MBA is set to 'wake for data' it may have been trying to connect with my phone for iCloud data and facetime connections. I had not used it for over a week but it obviously was trying to reconnect with my phones facetime and iCloud or the popups would not have been there immediately when I woke it.....

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    The understanding I am getting from people on this form is that they was getting 24 to 36 hours on a 100 percent charge before they start seeing a decrease in the battery percentage. Now they are seeing the percentage drop 3 to 4 percent about every 10 minutes. Is this kind of what's going on?

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    There may not be a 6.1.4 update. Apple might go with the iOS 7 as the next update.

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    Yes, exactly.. You could hold phone and watch it drop minute by minute and phone got hot. Too bad there isnt a phone feature like ACTIVITY MONITOR!


    So I just put 6.1.3 on but had gone into Settings ICloud and TURNED OFF ALL features... Then after all done turned them on again. No Batt drop yet and phone not hot...but time will tell.

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