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  • sunargon Level 1 Level 1

    after applying ios 6.1.3 update, my iP4 is also having battery drainage problems. it has maximum 2/3 days longivity before it shuts down( moderate wifi browsing, calling, sms etc.). i turned icloud off, fetch is manual, 3g off, imessage n facetime off etc etc. don't know when it will be normal. i tried amost all the tweaks that i found on this thread, but no avail.


    btw guys, i need something to know about. if i erase all content n settings on my iphone, ios 6.1.3 will remain intact or it will be formatted along with other data n settings? if ios is formatted, then how can i load ios into it?

  • Eric_Benevent Level 1 Level 1

    Made my today test with location and without 3G. Result : almost same as without location AND without 3G, 29% of battery lost in a worktime (around 10 hours).

    Think 3G is responsible.

    Tomorrow test without location and with 3G.

  • Waleed Talat Level 1 Level 1

    @sunargon You will still be on 6.1.3..

    @Eric 3g eats up your battery too much.. only turn it on when you need it and you will find iphone battery too good..

  • RJV Bertin Level 3 Level 3

    Is it 3G that eats battery, or allowing mobile data to function (which can also use pre-3G technologies, like Edge)?

    Depending on where you are, 3G might be required to have correct phone reception, but mobile data can be switched off independently.

  • Kippy1 Level 1 Level 1

    Ipad 4... discharging way too fast. It just went down 1% from just sitting here in front of me.. this stinks.

    Stupid for pressing the update button.... thought Apple stuff was suppose to be pretty solid, and tested.


    How to fix this? When is the update coming? Are there actual apple people here in these discussions? How can I see whether it is something not of apple's fault.. same programs just before I upgraded, no problems. This morning I upgrade..Bam... from 30% to 5% in around 15 miuntes of playing a game. And its heating up a little. Is it the OS? Is it the unit? Should I bring it in?! Where to get this checked?!? Any apple people here to give comments on what to do..


    this *****.. just turned into a freaking big pcs of paper weight. wth! Premium price for a tablet, thought I would get a premium product. Sigh.

  • Waleed Talat Level 1 Level 1

    you know the networks after edge do like 3g, hsdpa or lte? they combine the networks signal powers together for the high speed internet that consumes alot of phone power.. Edge is slow but perfect for just locating yourself or whatever you want to do..

    i recommend you ALL to go to settings and just turn off 3g and not mobile data.. it will automatically take you to the edge or the previous version of edge even; depends where you live.. (Like here in many areas we get a 2g service not more then it).. And when ever you want fast internet like for facetime or youtube you can switch it to 3g in secs.. + one more suggestion turn your phone brightness to auto adjust.. it saves your battery alot..

  • Waleed Talat Level 1 Level 1

    looool there is nothing wrong with the update my friend you just need to change the settings..
    All the problems that you guys are facing was once used to be mine.. my 4s used to get pretty much hot even without using it.. my 5 and ipad 3 used to discharge whole of the battery in night after charging for 100%..

    There is nothing wrong with your device..


                                          FOR ALL MY FRIENDS HERE!!

    1- close everything when you finish using your device..

    2- switch your 3g network off..
    3- go to your location sevices and turn it off..

    4- switch the brightness to auto adjust

    5- turn your bluetooth off

    6- turn your wifi off when you dont need it

  • fraatz_m Level 1 Level 1

    JFYI I have a huge battery drainage problem since 6.0.1 with my iPhone 5. (Over 10% per hour without even using it.) I just installed OS 6.1.3 from scratch. Two days I had almost no drainage (after 13 h still 70%) but this morning it just started again. Without an external battery pack I can't leave the house. This is really a big show stopper for me. I consider buying a phone from another company.

  • russelk Level 1 Level 1

    Im on ios 6.0.1 and have no problem with battery drainage .  Have you tried to reset to factory settings and  set as new phone. Dont restore old data.

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1



    Sorry but you are making seriously flawed statements.  There is a battery drainaige issue that has caused terrible battery life after the 6.1.3 update on some iPhone 4, 4S and 5's.  For some here even if they turn off every available setting and switch to airplane mode they still are getting drastic battery loss while in standby mode.  Please refrain from making blanket claims that we are all wrong and their are no 6.1.3 battery issues occuring on certain iPhones after 6.1.3.  It is not just a settings issue in all cases!

  • SmallTrader Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Jajaba,


    I would add that battery drain problem is happening on IPAD 4 as well. I got a iPad (less than 6 weeks old) which was working fine untill I stupidly upgraded to 6.1.3.


    Now the battery is draining 1% every 3 - 4 mins even on standby. Have tried turning off ALL settings, hard reset and restore as a new device. Restore as a new device works for one day and the problem came right back.


    It is now an expensive paper weight and toaster. I am seriously considering returining this to the shop invoking the Consumer Guarantee Act in my country to get a refund. This simply fails the "Fit for Purpose" criteria under the Consumer Guarantee Act.

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    Hi!  People in these forums are trying to help each other, so it would be best if we show respect to each other.  There are no Apple people here, because this is a user forum.  If you want to complain to Apple, go to the store or send them an e-mail.

    Now, for the problem at hand... Nobody knows why this happens with almost every update, and we don't know how to safely update the ios w/o getting these problems.  The important thing now is to solve it.  Here is what I did:

    1. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>iCloud

    2. Turn off everything from mail to find my iPhone, but do not delete anything.  Leave everything in your phone or iPad.

    3. Follow the same proceedure for every mail account you have.

    4. Go to Fetch New Data, turn off Push, and check Manual.  Go to Advanced at the bottom, and swtich everything to Manual.

    5. Set Brightness to Auto

    6. Kill all open apps. Reset the phone by holding both Power and Home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

    7. Go back to Settings and turn your settings back on except for Push.

    You will still experience some drain as the phone will try to sync everything back.  If it still persists, then run the battery down until the phone turns off and charge it for four hours at least.

    For me, I have Wifi on, bluetooth and mobile data off.  I only turn on mobile data when I need it.

    There are other fixes like Resetting all Settings, but this is the simplest and it usually works.  You may have to do it a couple of times though.  Just try it.

  • sunargon Level 1 Level 1

    does erasing content and settings means returning the phone to a factory condition? FYI, i got my phone from my bro when he brought it from US with unlocked condition (though it had a carrier lock at first). so if i choose to erase all settings, will the phone still be unlocked?

  • 06Jaiveer Level 1 Level 1

    hmmm dude ........ download this app called battery doctor .... follow the instructions and whenever u plug in to charge , leave tht application on and it will notify u when done . its free app in app store . it really helps me ..... might help u

  • sunargon Level 1 Level 1

    does erasing content and settings means returning the phone to a factory condition? FYI, i got my phone from my bro when he brought it from US with unlocked condition (though it had a carrier lock at first). so if i choose to erase all settings, will the phone still be unlocked?

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