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  • LDoza45 Level 1 Level 1

    I got help from turning off all unused apps ...and from SYS ACTIVITY Manager app and their FREE MEMORY clearer.


    BUT MOST from turning off MAIL and iClould period..


    My phone right now has been off charger for 5 hours ..used to play music for 2 ...and has 97% charge!

  • junior302 Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't noticed any battery drain updating from 6.0.2 to 6.1.3

    My usage is 7.5 hours use,13 hrs and 51 minutes of standby and I'm at 3%

    Just about the same when I was on 6.0.2 and I use to have 8 hrs of usage and and 13.5 hrs of standby and end at 2%

  • Papasin73 Level 1 Level 1

    I think chrome on any idevices drains the battery. Any third party browser drains the battery. Safari is just fine for me. But other people want more options. Chrome crashes a lot on my ipad mini, plus drains my battery. Ios 7 better be something totally different, Apple needs a change with ios.

  • gvachhani Level 1 Level 1

    I'm happy for you bro.



    I tried turning setting fetch to manual and using manual in the advanced settings and still nothing. From 1 AM to 6 AM my phone went from 100% to 79%. Not even logged into iCloud. Have location services off. Low brightness


    Something is consantly using my 3G but I can't seem to figure out what is my only guess for this drainage.



    EDIT: I looked at my crash report for some reason this "app" keeps showing up. There's literally 15 crash reports of it.  /var/mobile/Applications/ton of numbers and letters/Manager.App/Manager


    Anyone know what that is?

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    Just try to do the fixes in the previous posts.  There are just apps that keep on looping.  Most of the time, the culprits are iCloud, Mail, Facebook, WhatsApp... For me, I fixed my phone again after two weeks of resetting, and calibrating... Just be patient.IMG_0683.PNG

  • brian.bravesfan Level 1 Level 1


    I knew I wasn't the only person with battery drainage issues!!

    I have 4s and updated to 6.1.3 and battery is draining VERY fast, I can unplug in the a.m. and by noon with minimal use iphone battery has dropped to 70%.  As soon as 6.1.3 became avaliable I updated my iphone and it has drained all battery life out of my iphone with no apps running in background. My wife has iphone 5 and it does the same thing.....





  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    brian.bravesfan wrote:









    Maybe not. FYI this is a user-to-user forum hosted by Apple. Apple doesn't participate here. You are only ranting to other users here.


    To send feedback to Apple use

  • Papasin73 Level 1 Level 1

    Battery doctor I think is no longer on the App Store? Boost magic for your battery is pretty good, the paid for one. I let my ipad mini drain to 6% than charge to 100%. No longer than 12 hours, I believe that the longer you charge your battery the worse it performs. Also, I do a reboot before I charge it, hold down sleep button and home button (same time) wait for reboot, than charge to 100%.


    This has worked for a couple weeks now. I don't recommend downloading 6.1.4 until others do, it should be out this month. I think Apple should give us the option to downgrade only when we have issues with a new update. I also heard Apple is gonna do away with the replace your phone, instead, Apple will fix your phone first. Apple is getting killed with giving away phones. Looked it up. It's true, it was gonna happen sooner or later. Can't blame em. How many company's do that? Not many.


    I'm waiting for the iPhone 5s to come out, that will be my very first smart phone. Not a fan of Android or google. Better security with the iPhone. Not so good weather in buffalo ny.....:(

  • Papasin73 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple pops in these forums. Apple knows what's being said in ALL forums.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Papasin73 wrote:


    Apple pops in these forums. Apple knows what's being said in ALL forums.

    No, it doesn't. Even the Apple forum moderators don't read all the posts here; they rely on higher-level users to report actual abuse, i.e., spam, obscenity, threats, defaming, flame wars, trolls, etc.


    Apple uses the feedback route: to get bug reports, feature suggestions, etc. Use that if you want to get a message to Apple.


    Would you have your skilled technical people who are supposed to be developing new hardware/software reading through all this junk? I wouldn't. The feedback link is monitored and relevant info is sent to the respective development groups.

  • Jajaba Level 1 Level 1



    A few things you should be aware of: 


    First, NO Battery Apps can do anything to change the charging cycle on ANY Apple mobile device.  The charging cycle is controlled by the firmware and is very specific to each specific product.  All any 'Battery' apps do is monitor what the firmware is doing and then gives you the data in some cool looking format or report which makes it appear that it has done something to improve the battery life.   Secondly, there is ablsoutely no negative impact from keeping your device connected to the charger for any length of time.  Again the charge cycle is controlled by firmware and when it completes a charge cycle it stops charging and then it monitors the charge level and will start charging again when the level drops to a preset level and then boost it back up to 100% as needed.  Any 'deep cycle', 'refresh', 'restore' etc. claims that battery apps make is just rewording of what the firmware is already doing in an attempt to make it sound like the app is improving battery life.   


    As for your claims that Apple will start repairing phones 'first' rather than replacing them.... That is not accurate, I'm sure that info came from some third party 'rumor' site and not Apple.  Apple already repairs / refurbishes the phones that are returned they just don't send you the same phone back after it's repaired.  It is just not logistically possible (or profitable) to repair an individual phone and return it to the original customer in an acceptable time period.  Their are hundreds of third party companies that will do this for you for a fee and Apple makes a huge profit margin from the sales of replacement parts that these repair companies buy from them.  It is much less costly for Apple to send a new (or refurbished) phone to a customer as a replacement from inventory and repair the defective one at their lesiure.  Apple also charges you for the 'new' phone they send and then will credit you back the charges once the 'broken' phone is recieved (and logged) into their returns wharehouse.  This is another huge revenue stream for Apple, they are making interest on the hundreds of millions of dollars they recieve from billing for the 'replacement'  phones until they issue you the credit back weeks later.

  • auntieminahz Level 1 Level 1

    I left a comment on here 2 weeks ago and have been reading these posts since then. I tried a lot of different things but nothing has worked. I used to charge my phone and have 100% for a good share of the day. I am a light user. Last night I left it plugged in overnight....don't normally do that....and after about 10 minutes of use it was down to 95% and then another 2%  was lost when on for only about 5 minutes. There is deffinately a problem with the 6.1.3 update! My phone would stay at 100% most of the day only after charging for a couple of hours. The battery just isn't lasting as long. Never had a problem with it before, the only thing I changed was turning off iCloud sync. I had it on before and never any problem. It is annoying because it makes the phone unreliable and that is why we have cell phones because we need them sometimes. I would be curious to know how long a battery will keep charge on some of the other phones that are out there.


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  • auntieminahz Level 1 Level 1

    I am also noticing some problems with my iPod Touch. Freezing and more rapid battery drain. Same settings as before the update, like my iPhone 4S.


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  • sie_ Level 1 Level 1


    there it is theres are battery drain everything is turned off no apps running & memory nearly maxed out fix my phone APPLE THIS *****

  • Megan1977 Level 1 Level 1

    Same here, and for my boyfriend who has the iPhone 5.

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