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  • LDoza45 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    For me one good thing was remembering to turn off unused app via double click at bottom of HomeScreen..

    Press on icon Red _ ciricle to upper left..use to close all apps you aren't using. DO IT EVERYTIME YOU USE PHONE!


    But BEST BEST was to find that hidden MAIL iCloud Mail Fetch!!! and turn it to MANUAL


    Find it by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts,Calendars >FETCH NEW DATA> (turn off) Turn PUSH off ..


    and then scroll down off screen to ADVANCED>iCloud and select MANUAL...


    With this your phone wont look for mail until you open mail app!


    So far Since 10 PM last night at 98% I was 96% at 8 this AM and now at 1:30 PM at 85%.. I have used phone a bit, but not much.

  • junior302 Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    I know this may have nothing to do with this but I think Siri is having a bug too because everytime I use it for a few minutes, it starts to disconnect once I click the microphone button. As soon as I click it, it just makes the cancel noise. I restored my phone twice and set up as new, and still it does it . I'm on an iPhone 5 btw

  • Papasin73 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That report came from third party. And battery apps work.

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    Guys and gals, this is a user forum about battery drainage on ios 6.1.3.  Please stick to the topic.  Also, before you start complaining, try to scroll up and read the solutions posted there.  I have posted a solution, and it worked for me.  Also worth trying is the solution of @LDoza45 regarding turning off Push for all mail including iCloud.  We have made our phones and devices work using these solutions.  It may not happen the first time.  I tried it for almost 2wks before getting it done.  Stay cool!

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    Battery apps only report info on what the IOS firmware is doing or what IOS firmware did during a previous charge.  NO APPS CAN CHANGE, IN ANY WAY, THE CHARGING OF ANY IOS DEVICE.  IT'S CONTOLLED BY FIRMWARE AND ALL ACCESS TO ANY CHANGES IS LOCKED OUT!  Apple cannot allow any App (and will not approve any App) that can make changes to the charging curcuit, once the certification agencies UL, CSA and CE have approved a device, no changes to any part of a curcuit (voltage, current, cycle times etc.) can be changed or it voids the certification of the agencies.  Apple is the best company in the world at sourcing, designing and integrating custom battery technology on mobile devices, once the design is in production there is only one right way to charge the battery for maximum capacity and cycle life.  You may want to read this:  which give you an overview in 'laymans' terms...  Bottom line is that Apple and the manufacturer (vendor) designed the battery and they are the only ones who know how to charge it for maximum performance.


    Also I googled for info on Apple changing it's iPhone replacement / repair policy / process with no pertinent results.  Could you please provide some facts or a link to back up your claim that " That report came from Apple ... no third party" ?  Quite frankly if that was announced by Apple I would wager it would be a leading story on all the tech sites and even make regular network news broadcasts.  

  • LDoza45 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Thanks kulas...will try to find your idea too.  But so far Stopping that Automatic Mail fetch under ADVANCED works fine for me.


    NOTE: It is NOT the PUSH but the


    Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars> Fetch New Data (which sb OFF)>Push sb OFF..then go down to Fetch set to Manually... Then go to ADVANCED>iCloud and set that Manual


    You have to have each one set this way to keep your phone calmed down.

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    I'm sorry...your correct. I'm wrong. I apologize for making people think that battery apps work. I really thought battery apps helped? I'm so stupid! You have open my eyes...thank you! Wasted money on battery apps in the App Store! Do you know how to go about getting a refund? If it doesn't work, I would like my money back! I'm a little mad about this! Why would Apple allow apps like this on the App Store? Maybe because Apple can say" we have millions of apps in the App Store" but only have of them are fun and usefull.


    Anyways...thank you! I deleted that fake battery helper. Now I want a refund! Also I think when 6.1.4 comes out, why bother coming here? We all know its 6.1.3 that's the culprit for battery issues. So just wait for 6.1.4. Battery apps help with good tips on saving battery %

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    i also experienced that, 96% my iphones getting warm so i tried s hard reset, then when it booted back on its 99%. Also, when launching a certain battery monitoring app my battery % increased 1%, but when closing it its down a percent. I repeated it and it seems to be playing with the battery % icon. So I really think theres something wrong with iphones battery % but I do not discount that the hardware/battery life is also being affected by this software glitch, any word about 6.1.4??

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    One is that a little bit helped me I found yesterday. I switched off my 3G network and just left 2G(EDGE) and turned off all any locations. I turned off WiFi if need not. Push is also off as always My experience from 100% charge to 71% (so 29% discharge) is 2h35min usage time and 13h39min standby. It is all good but it bring me many problems because I very often use Maps with traffic situations, therefore I compelled to find my current place by hands and the traffic info loads not so fast in 2G mode. In some situations you have to get decision fast where to go. 2G is not good for this.


    When there were iOS 6.1.2 on my iPhone 4S I never switched off WiFi, 3G and locations. I have just turned off Push.


    I dont know will this work on other iPhones but me this a little bit work. Anyway this is not a fix of the problem. Problem is still here and the problem is in the frmware IMHO. I hope to see new Apple update in very close time.


    It will be also very good to know the exact date if this one.

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    Just found this thread and thought I'd add my two penn'th. Upgraded my iPhone 4 yesterday to latest IOS.  Phone charged overnight and was 100% this morning.  Did not use it until 12:30 when charge was down to 62%.  While using a car park app to pay for a parking space I watched as the charge went down point by point to 56%.  Did not check again until a few minutes ago and it was at 32%. Arrgghhh.  Have checked the above suggestions but my 'Push' notifications were all off and fetch data was already manual.  So something else is happening here.  Phone now at 29% and ticking down. I quess I'm a light user and only need to charge my phone once every 5 days if that, nut when I need it, i need it to work. Are Apple doing something? Now at 28% What is happening Apple?

  • JohannBélet Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi everyone,


    After multiple tests with my new iPhone 5 (bought it one week ago), it shows that the main source of the battery drainage (for my iPhone at least) come from 3G/EDGE auto détection.


    If only i could switch off only 3G to stay on EDGE only (like on my iPhone 4), i'm sure that the battery would stay charged longer.

    But if you are in a place where you just have a little 3G signal, that's when your battery will discharge the fastest because off the neverending network scan.


    I was very familiar with all battery saving params et techniques since ios 4.x and i always clean open apps before lock.


    The problem is that you can see the battery draining just by sending iMessages or loading your mails.


    I tried this the night before: All night without cellular data and with wifi activated

    And this last night: All night just with cellular data



    -Without cellular data and wifi: lost 3% of battery during the night

    -With cellular data only: lost 40% of my battery during the night


    The apps i left open during night were Messages, Mails and Facebook (v5)



    I'm not asking for a big solution right now, but if only a least, apple could réactivate the 3G switch off button (if possible), i think that would be a great thing to calm down battery drainage.

    (Yes EDGE is slow but for the majority of everyday apps, it is sufficient. Plus if necessary you can reactivate 3G at will)


    Hope i helped.

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    this is beyond a joke now its been weeks & no fix or even any news of a fix from apple not a word just get filled with the same old bull restore/set up as new disable push disable mail disable wifi 3g data ect ect its all bull nothing works ive tried everything how can it be fetch when 1 i dont have a email acc on my phone or use i cloud never have hmmmm so people give up your pointless waste of time fixes THAY DONT WORK THIS IS IOS 6.1.3 THATS THE PROBLEM NOT ANYTHING ELSE oh & i have iphone 4s witch is brand new only 1 month old & worked perfectly on 6.1.1 as it came then 6.1.3 killed it gr8 nice one apple thanks for my 2 year 32 pound a month o2 contract with a broken phone never again will i buy anything from apple

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    You can turn just 3G off. In mobile data, simply turn off 3G but leave Mobile Data on. This will mean you'll still have internet access but you won't have 3G. Edge and GPRS will still work.


    However, Edge and GPRS are so slow, I find it unbearable. Though perhaps turning off 3G while you're not using the net is a good idea.


    Although my battery is fine now.

  • Yorkie29 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Why doesn't Apple put up 6.1.2 onto the App store do we can download that??

  • JohannBélet Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Realmaverick,


    I can only deactivate LTE and i thought at first that it would deactivate 3G as well, but my iPhone is still switching between EDGE and 3G depending on the signal force.


    As far as i know, LTE is close to the 4G standart. So when my phone switched in 3G after LTE deactivation, i thought iPhone hardware worked with data connexion layers like that:

    EDGE > 3G > LTE


    I don't know much about reception hardware, that's why i put "if possible" in my first post .


    Maybe i'm mistaken.

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