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    just got off the phone with apple same old bull try setting your phone as new & we will call you back in 24hours if the pronblem still there we will look at replceing your 1month old iphone 4s for a refurbished pice a s***t hmmmm im very way am i walking out the apple store with a 2nd hand phone after 1 month just to have the same problem or worse because apple refuse to admit its IOS 6.1.3 thats the problem

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    That's six hours or more now and my phone is at 84% battery.

    This is after switching off the location services for some of the system services (Genius for apps, location based iAds and time zone setting). As I mentioned before, I "caught" genius for apps using location services for no "apparent" reason this morning.


    You can also switch on the "status bar icon" on this page of your settings file and see whether the location services are being used on your home screen. Useful, and eye-opening, as you see the hone suddenly show the little arrow in the status bar when you are doing nothing.


    My wife's iPhone 4S has dropped to 55 over the morning which is twice as good as yesterday, but still pretty crap really. So, I don't think the location services is the complete answer but it does appear to help.

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    However, my wife is on 3G and I have been mainly n Wi-Fi so there is a difference there also

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    You may want to read this thread from the beginning.  Every suggestion you have posted has already been discussed and tested by others on this thread.  Along with a lot of settings adjustments that have worked (improved, not fixed) the issue, for some, that you probably haven't tried yet.   

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    I took my two year old 4S (Verizon) 32GB into the local Apple store last week because of the battery drain issue.    The "Genius" checked my battery and ran some sort of diagnostics.      He restored it back to "factory" state.    He advised me to restore apps one at a time to see if there is a buggy app.       I did not restore from backup but re-downloaded from the App Store.      So far I can now go 2 -3 days on a charge (light usage) and under normal use can get over 24 hours on a charge.        Will keep you posted but looks like my problem is solved.

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    But adding our additional comments will show Apple just how big the problem is.

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    iPhone 5/6.1.3... Battery life is awful.

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    Oh have it wrong, Apple doesn't come here and look to see who has problems. That's not coming from me, it's another person here. Turning everything off your iPhone sounds like a great smart phone. I want one so I can turn off all things I would need.


    Apple is Turing into windows! Stocks are at it's lowest ever, I hate cancer! And hate that Mr Jobs is gone. Tim Cook needs to step aside and give the wheel to someone else. Ios 6.0 was not ready for release, but Timmy boy had to release it anyways. I really hope ios 7 is something new and fresh, and not the same old ios. I mean, really update ios so our eyes pop out of our heads! Very very sad.

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    I don't want to give up on Apple, they make great products. We just have to get past this mess. I'm sure Apple will fix this, Apple stocks are blank! Once a fix and a new iPhone and ipad, Apple stocks will go back up. I mention stocks because a relative bought Apple stocks years ago, passed away and my brother and I have control over them. So get your stuff together and get back up!


    Iphone5's is gonna be a very nice phone. Bigger screen!

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    Timurjonchik hi,


    I did follow your suggestion but after comparing battery performance with my iPhone 3Gs still the battery drains faster...


    What i did was to completely turn off my iCloud.. not using it anymore and my battery seemed to have found its strength... for 21 hours 13 min ,  witn normal use  of about 2 hours, now its still 66%.


    I guess iCloud is the real culprit behind the battery drain problem.. I did also for my iPhone 3GS coz i charged them both yesterday, and now after using it for 1 hours 8 min, standing by 20 hours 59 min... still its 79%...


    I bought my iPhone 5 because previously i thought my 3GS is already retiring... THANKS FOR YOUR TIP...

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    Lawrence by my experience with two different iPhones it's not the phone it's the software. Two years ago I had bought an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.6, and the battery life was perfect until the iOS 5 update came out. I tried every little tip, and trick apple told me too until they insisted on replacing the phone even though I had told them it was a software issue. Well guess what happened the problem wasn't fixed it still persisted even with the replacement phone. Upon telling apple this, and still telling them it was a software issue they insisted on sending me a second replacement phone which ended up having the same battery drain issues. Apple insisted on a third replacement phone. I had finally had enough, and turned them down. I waited till this past January, and upgraded from the iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5. When I had first gotten the phone I was a little disappointed that iOS 6 had the same battery drain issues. So the iOS 6.1 update came out and bam my battery drain issues were magically gone, iOS 6.1.2 came around, and the battery was still acting fine, iOS 6.1.3 came around, and as magically as the problems disappeared they reappeared, and I am now once again experiencing battery drain issues. So let me clarify this again the vast majority of battery drain issues which is greater than 1% of iOS users. It's a software issue, and it is not the phone

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    Of course it's the software, and more precisely, it's the update procedure. For me the proof is in a recent post by someone who reinstalled his phone as new, adding apps (and accounts?) one by one.


    The update procedure is clearly complex, given the time it takes, and I'm not particularly surprised that even Apple cannot foresee all possible things that could go wrong. Despite their tight control, there is sufficient leeway for all kinds of interactions between apps and (their) settings that can cause some form of instability which translates more or less directly in increased battery usage because it affects the intricate power economy algorithms that are normally at play.


    iOS 6.1.3 doesn't seem to offer me anything of interest over 6.1.2 (and it would prevent me from jailbreaking, which I'm still considering). If it weren't for that, I'd have followed a labourious, "manual" update procedure to limit the risk for such instabilities (and only because of the reports about battery life issues):

    - make a fresh backup, locate it on disk and make a copy of it

    - wipe the phone, restoring it to factory default as if I'd be selling it

    - perform the update from iTunes

    - restore my backup as if I were setting up a new phone (making sure I'd be restoring the right backup!)


    That step 4 is what I did with my 4S bought off eBay, using a backup of my 3rd gen. iPod Touch running the latest 5.x iOS. The 4S was on 6.0.1 when I got it, IIRC. Worked about flawlessly, very few settings got lost, so restoring a same-device backup of a less ancient OS should work even better.


    If 6.1.3 had real, inherent battery issues, lots of owners of newly bought phones with 6.1.3 preinstalled would be complaining too. Which doesn't appear to be the case.

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    i followed your advice; restored the iphone to its factory settings and then set it up as a new phone and for 4 hours now my phone's charge hasn't dropped, not even by 1%.

    I then restored my phone from the backup and the drainage problem reemerged

    well at least i know its not a problem with 6.1.3 or a hardware issue, but what is it exactly? is it one of the apps?settings?


    that's very frustrating.

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    @ msabri


    I just read your post. You're right it's very frustrating..


    Here's what you can do ( also frustrating, sorry ).


    Follow Finh's advice again but this time DO NOT restore from backup or iCloud.

    Wait for sometime - just like you did - to make sure your phone isn't losing charge.

    Add your apps one by one and wait for an hour or so after downloading each app while watching your battery percentage..

    This is the only way you can identify the defected app that's causing your battery tremendous drop of charge.

    Regarding your contacts and photos, there's an app called BUMP. You can download this app now and transfer all your contacts an photos to any other iOS device you may have - before you restore as new. After you're done with the restore you can just BUMP back all the info you previously sent to other iOS device.


    There are other valuable info in this forum about switching off the things you don't use or may keep them on upon your own need like Bluetooth, 3G, some of the location services and so on.


    Hope this would help you and many others.


    Kind regards.

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    A restore from an affected backup is likely to restore the issue as well. Apple should support multiple backups but I'm afraid they'll never accept that might be necessary.

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