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  • DarrylR Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes, Apple has knowledge of the iOS 6 problems. The iOS 7 upgrade will be nice, that is what happens with a updates they change your battery life.

  • DarrylR Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Stop being a Apple Hater. Apple has the best devices on the market right now. You have to understand how software works. I am losing 1% every 6 mins on my iPads but the battery life will get better, I just have to have patience.

  • MethodsOfMayhem Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    really you think it's a network or hardware problem? you do realize iPhone's, iPad's and iPod's are having this problem and since most of them are brand new devices I highly doubt its a hareware problem. As I stated before and you obviously didn't read my post I had recently got an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and the battery life was hrrobile, 6.1 came out and the battery life improved. iOS 6.1.3 came out and my issues returned so yea it's highly doubtful it's a network or hardware problem it's obviously an iOS problem

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    So do you keep the contacts on the iPhone when you turn the contacts off in iCloud ? What happens when you turn iCloud back on ? Do you just delete the contacts that you kept from before ? What's the point of keeping it if we're going to delete it right after ?

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    They have not. They have said they are redesigning the way VPN works due to legal issues with an update sometime this month but no mention of any battery issues or other bugs.  For the record iOS 6.1.3 works fine on any 4s users I know.  You will see the same reports for every iOS update throughout history. Its not iOS thats causing these issues. Typically some 3rd party app or mail account or icloud hung.  Stuff like that.

    Yorkie29 wrote:


    Does anyone know for certain whether Apple have acknowledged this problem and are working on a fix?

  • DarrylR Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    So I guess Apple employees, Tim Cook don't have Apple devices. Guess what they do and are running on 6.1.3 so to say they don't know is crazy. They just know how to workaround it better then we do.

  • DarrylR Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    That is what the 6.1.2 was for so yes they acknowledged the problem with the update.

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    Hi to all!


    I am Iphone 4s user from Kazakhstan. Bought my phone one month ago with iOS 6.1.2. Battery drainage existed with both 6.1.2 and 6.1.3. I've spent about three days screening through different forums and tried different approaches to resolve the problem. This is what helped me more or less:

    1. Change of the sim card. My previous cell operator provides micro sim cards of a really low quality. For Kazakhstani users: Kcell is not the best operator to use micro sim card if you are requesting from them new sim card to already existing number. I am now using beeline and it allowed me increasing battery life time for two hours.

    2. Discharging phone from 100% to 0% twice. Phone were alive for almost 1.5 days with low usage but with 3g always on.

    But, my happiness went down when I found out that first recharging after 1.5 days my iphone started dying pretty fast. However, it's worth of mentioning that prior to changing the sim card iphone used to be alive for 14 hours with 3g off and location service off as well. Now it comes to 8% at 11 pm with both services on and pretty hard usage. Please note that I still have to charge iphone overnight. So, I am able to use Iphone from 6 am to 11 pm with 3g and location service on with: 10-15 sms, 20 minutes calls, 20 minutes gaming, 1 hour news and books reading. I assume that it's good result for iphone though I've expected more from the phone costed for me $550 (especially iphone). icloud is off but i am going to test if icloud drains battery as it was mentioned above.

    Hope this information would be helpful for anybody not only from Kazakhstan. I will start using icloud sync starting from tomorrow and will report back results after two days.

  • Berle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey guys...


    if you ask me it has to be a probem with the ios. I have tried all the fixes postet in this forum, but nothing really worked for me.I restored my iphone more than once and set up as a new one. I didn´t install apps, no E-Mail acoount, no 3g (all day on Wifi), no bluetooth, no location service, no push, no cloud, reduced brighness and absolutely no use!!! And the battery still drains. By having a look in Settings--General-- Usage, i noticed that the time of usage and standby are nearly identic. By only lying on the table, the Phone droppes 3-4% per hour. This is horrible! Something is running in the backgrouns, draining my device.


    I really love my iPhone, but if there won´t be a fix or solution for my 4s, I am going to sell it. This is no accaptable performance for a product with this price!



    I even tried to restore on certain ways:

    1. usual iTunes restoring ( plug iphone and chose restore)

    2. downloading the ipsw for iOS 6.1.3 an directly chose this file in iTunes for restoring

    3. created a Guest account on windows, installed itunes an restored with the newest itunes version

    Everything with the same annoying results.... All restores were done wired with itunes


    So far... it is no third party app draining my battery --> it must be a process getting stuck in the updating process or a problem with the iOS. I have no further ideas...

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    I wish I never updated from 6.1.2.  I had no issues with security or wifi or battery life.  My iPhone5 had a battery drain issue when I first got it since I restored a backup to it.  It would drain just sitting on the table.  I did a DFU restore and started with a fresh phone.  That fixed it and I was getting 12+ hours of usage.  10 if it was heavy, more if it was less usage.  Since two weeks ago I've noticed a considerable increase in battery drain.  I can use the phone for 5 hours, maybe 6 tops.  Its on the verge of being unusable at work.  The standby isn't too bad.  I lose about 2-3% per hour which is worse than before but close to what it used to be.  However, as soon as I start to do anything at all, the battery number starts ticking away like a clock (small exaggeration I know).  Now just to top it off, my Wifi speeds have dropped from the usual 20-25Mbit to less than 1 Mbit.  If I restart the phone, it jumps again to normal speeds for a few minutes, then back to sluggish speeds.  Every other device in the house keep its full speed so its not the router.  Even the LTE speeds are in the 25-30Mbit range.  Only Wifi is sluggish.  I'm at a loss, and I can't wait months for IOS7 to be released to maybe, just maybe, fix these issues.  I need my phone back to the way it was.  So I'm forced to do another DFU restore, waste a few hours restoring apps and data slowly so I don't have the same problem, and hope for the best.  What a joke.

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    Hey guys...I have posted few weeks ago already. Now its a bit different.


    One month ago I had my 2year old black iPhone 4 and it lasted me a day,no huge battery drainage on iOS 6.1.3. even with icloud,3G on and so on.


    Then I bough iPhone 4S and battery died in 6 hours with no usage in standby!I was so mad. I sell the iPhone again because I bought iPhone 5. Also iPhone 4S wouldnt back up the last days at all. Tried everything too.


    It was brand new one,already on 6.1.3. from my operator - Vodafone czech republic.

    I was curious about the battery here, and I restored from back up since of course I want to have all my contacts,photos,messages on my iPhone. I charged to 100% - and was worried that the battery would die overnight just like on my iPhone 4S. But its a bit different. In standby I can go for two days,but when using quite a lot - surfing 3g or even just edge,icloud on,wifi on, it drains quickly as well..I can do like 7-8 hours with hard usage maybe less.But on the battery usage it shows the time - and the time of standby is actually good, i drains overnight just about 4% for like 9 hours. So at least that.. But still, I have now 3g off, icloud partly too, gps too, brightness is on really low and it doesnt last a day with normal usage at all :/


    I really love my iPhone but i want to actually use it!Now just have everything important of smart phone off. Hope there really will be a fix soon.

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    I updated to 6.1.3  some time ago and the battery drain is noticably higher than on 6.1.

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    I dont know may be this will help. Here was a lot of posts about how to fix battery with restoring iPhone as new and download all programms you need from the App Store again without backupping. I just tried this. I just restored my contacts from backup. My experience with the battery is 6h32min in usage and 22h5min standby and the rest 16% of the battery. My 3G is on, WiFi is on when I need it, locations are on just for maps, iCloud is off, Push is off.


    Hope it helps to somebody.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Huh? I dont understand this reply to my comment.

    DarrylR wrote:


    So I guess Apple employees, Tim Cook don't have Apple devices. Guess what they do and are running on 6.1.3 so to say they don't know is crazy. They just know how to workaround it better then we do.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Show me where in 6.1.2 release notes where it states they worked on some battery issue. It was about a exchange calendar issue that caused the calendar to work all the time thereby causing increased battery drain. BTW this thread is about 6.1.3. Also Yorkie asked if they have acknowledged any battery issues with 6.1.3, which they have not.

    DarrylR wrote:


    That is what the 6.1.2 was for so yes they acknowledged the problem with the update.

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