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    I bought a used iPhone 4S (6.1.3) a month or two back to update to from my iPhone 4... before activating the iPhone I notced the battery life would drain quickly. Not that it would die instantly, but a general drain that just always happened. I had heard some people experience issues and others don't, so I traded the iPhone 4S for a couple other divices I was looking for. New owner didn't have to worry about battery life due to using the phone at home all the time.


    Fast forward to today. I bought another iPhone 4S that had 6.1.3 and got it this weekend. Received from the mail carrier yesterday, powered on and it was nearly at 100% battery, locked the screen and let it sit all of yesterday until this morning when I went to use it. Battery life was less than 20% and the battery indicator was red. No, the device was not sitting looking for Wifi, or attempting to activate.


    The iPhone 4 (5.1.1) I was using that whole day and left off the charger overnight had more power than the iPhone 4S that was left not using any type of data all day/night.


    In my book there is an issue with 6.1.3 with battery. I am unsure whether it affects all devices, whether it is the result of upgrade vs. being preinstalled. I just know I've owned two 4S's and both had this issue, that's a pretty good batting average in my book.

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    You have the same people replieing. So you can't count the views and replies.

  • notluK Level 1 (0 points)

    You have views that never get  turned into replies so you can't count on negative evidence.

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    The number of views is simple count of any activity on the forum:  Page changes, reloading a page, replying, editing, viewing attachments and links etc. etc.   The total views is always an artificially high number compared to how many actual unique viewers have viewed a forum.  The number of replies is also misleading due to the same users posting multiple replies, it does not represent the total number of unique users who have replied, that number will always be much lower.  For example:  Thai_iPhony4 probably accounts for 100 of the total replies because he can't grasp the simple concept of combining multiple responses in a single reply....

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    If you ever really read CNET you will see direct quotes from these forums.  So yes including cnet they get 99% of their content from these forums.


    Of course you would. I suspect they will put a battery bug in iOS 7 too just to be the hot topic of the tech news sites.  Of course they have the magical ability to ONLY effect a few users with any particular update so they could easily do that without effecting all 200,000,000 of their devices out there. Makes since to me.

    thai_iphone4 wrote:


    I'm not talking about Blogs. The first major hit on Google talking about Battery Drain 6.1.3 is CNET.


    And yes. I think apple would release a speakerphone update knowing that there is a battery drain issue.


    Just like they knew there was an antenna issue with the iPhone 4 and sold it to me anyway.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    No, really waiting on it. Been a thread topic for every version of iOS since iOS 1.


    [Edit] There it is!  Wonder how many will post that battery was great on iOS 6.1.3 and as soon as update to 6.1.4 problem started.

    thai_iphone4 wrote:


    Was that an attempt at humor?

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    FYI;  So far 6.1.4 has had no impact on my iPhone 5 battery life which was back to normal after settings changes made from earlier posts in this thread.


    That was this morning... After updating my Google search app which includes Google Now the battery life started dropping noticably faster...  While Google Now is pretty awsome with voice recognition, speed of verbal results, built in browser switching, maps and a more human sounding voice (basically it blows SIRI away) the updated app keeps my location services on all the time.  I mean the little active location services 'arrow indicator' by the battery percentage is continuosly on even after closing the Google App (not just when minimized) and is still on even after resetting the phone.  On my phone the only way get rid of the active location services icon is to it off by going too: Setting > Privacy > location services > scroll down the long list of apps to Google > turn off switch manually!   So much for what appears to be a very useful App, it's not worth all those settings adjustments just to use it when needed or suffer batery drain by leaving it on all the time.....

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    Thanks for proving my point. So it IS a big enough issue to make it into Cnet's front page news. And countless others


    But he a good fanboy and pretend there is no issue. Just like you did with iPhone 4. We are just holding it wrong right?

  • thai_iphone4 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks for proving me correct again.


    So if people complaint of battery issues and data issues after every iOS update, my theory is origin right once again. IOS BLOWS.


    Maybe apple can get a clue and push updates that don't require us to reset and restore and do god knows what else.


    And what about MY issue? Any thoughts? Why would it be at 99% after 3 minutes. Restart. Then it's back at 100% and stays there for 16 minutes?

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    This is only 1 thread about it. There are hundreds of threads all over about 6.1.3 battery drain.


    Again. Your stats are from a fanboy.

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    43 minutes = 99%. That's because you have DATA off. You just occasionally log into your WiFi.

  • thai_iphone4 Level 1 (5 points)

    I wish you would grasp the simple concept of replying in a professional manner without getting personal and insulting people.


    I on the other hand, post about the ISSUE without ever insulting anybody.


    But go ahead. Keep calling me names. It is a sign of someone who is immature and losing an argument.

  • thai_iphone4 Level 1 (5 points)

    A watered down version of Google Now drains iOS? Hahaha.


    I'm right again. IOS blows.


    Hopefully ios 7 is more than flat icons.

  • thai_iphone4 Level 1 (5 points)

    Well. Maybe that's the problem with iOS isn't it?


    I have someone here with a brand new iPhone 5. All she does is LINE and Facebook. Her phone is dead in 5 hours. Her first iphone. So, she doesn't use anything else. No iCloud or anything.


    Difference between you and her. She has no WiFi.

  • gvachhani Level 1 (10 points)

    so I did a test last night. I did a hard reset on my phone. Put it on airplane mode. Went to bed at 11:30 with 50% battery. Woke up at 6:00 with 11%.


    Anyone still believe that the ios 6.1.3 battery drain is a myth?

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