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  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. I've been keeping a close eye on these forums since suffering form the dreaded 6.1.3 battery drainage issue and I think I've finally cracked it.  I downloaded IOS 6.1.3 over the Easter Weekend and on returning to work found that my battery had drained to 20% within four hours of taking it off charge.  Having researched various forums over the following week I became convinced that something in 6.1.3 had interacted with my iPhone 5 configuration to cause battery drain issues.  In fact I don't believe the battery was draining fast at all, rather the OS thought it was and reported it as such before shutting down when it thought it had drained completely.


    I tried restoring the phone before reinstating my Apps etc. from the back up.  There was no improvement and I was forced to keep my phone on charge while driving to the office and during the day at my desk.


    Yesterday I read a post where someone suggested restoring to factory default using iTunes but without restoring the backed up apps and data afterwards.  Instead I set up the iPhone as a new device.  The only other changes I made were to setup Outlook Exchange, Hotmail, Bluetooth and my home and work wireless network settings.  The battery held its charge just like the good old days throughout yesterday evening.  I powered down the phone and put it on charge last night then took it off charge with 100% at 06:30 this morning. 


    I drove to the office without charging the phone, and it's now been exactly five hours since it came off charge and the battery level is showing 89%.  Up until yesterday my phone would have died by now.


    My next step will be to reinstall the Apps gradually, one by one, direct from the App Store rather than from my last iTunes back up.  Fingers crossed!!!!!

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    It sounds like your battery was dying really quickly.


    What is your usage during those 5 hours? Or is that 5 hours of standby?

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Hi.  I woldn't have been hammering it during those five hours but to summarise


    • Bluetooth enabled
    • Picking up my Outlook Exchange and Hotmail messages
    • A couple of calls
    • Connected to my work WiFi network.


    In essence my daytime usage never changes very much at all.  I've had my iPhone 5 for about 7 months and up until I installed IOS 6.1.3 I had never experienced any battery issues at all.  I always left it powered down and on charge overnight and it would be off charge from around 7am until 11pm without the need to recharge.  I never took much notice of the battery indicator as I didn't need to.  Within a day or two of downloading 6.1.3 I was down to 20% battery within 4 hours and if I didn't get it on charge pdq it would die within 5 to 6 hours from coming off a full charge.  Since then I've kept it on charge at my desk and in my car. 


    I use BBC News and Sports apps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype on a daily basis.  It's now approaching 8 hours since I took it off charge this morning and the battery is at 71% (3.6% per hour seems pretty reasonable dissipation to me).   I've now started reinstalling my most used apps direct from the App Store (five so far including FB).  I've not noticed any effect on the battery so I'll keep adding those apps bit by bit and see what happens.


    My gut feeling is that there is nothing wrong within IOS 6.1.3 itself but the way it interacts with some iPhones (particularly 5's judging by the feedback in these forums) seems to cause issus with some of them.  All I know is that when I restored to factory default a couple of weeks ago I also restored the backed up apps and data and the battery drainage persisted.  Leaving those backups to rot and downloading the apps independently seems so far to have done the trick.  I'll post an update once I have everything installed again and confirmed that the battery life is holding out.



    Cheers for now

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the detailed answer.


    If you go to Settings > General > Usage it will tell you what your usage and standby is. If you could post that, it would be useful. Thanks again.


    I'm just wondering if it's worth me going through the process or whether my battery is now on par with yours.

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Sure. It's now 3.30 in the afternoon so it's been up and running for exactly 9 hours and I have 61% battery.


    • Usage = 3 hours, 57 minutes
    • Standby = 13 hours, 48 minutes


    Sorry I didn't think to make a note of these prior to restoring.  I've downloaded and reinstalled 10 apps so far (FB, Skype, LinkedIn, Youtube, BBC News app, BBC Sports app, Google Maps, MyFitnessPal and Sports Tracker) and I'm feeling fairly confident that this approach might have done the trick. 


    I'll check the battery level and usage setting tonight before powering down and putting it on charge and post an update tomorrow.

  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    That's a great battery life. You're heading for over 8 hours usage, maybe even 9+!


    It's an interesting observation you've made and there could well be something in it. I'd definitely try it if I were one of those still suffering with terrible battery.


    Your battery does seem slightly better than mine, mine is usually at about 50% with 4 hours usage. But I'm not sure I can be bothered manually readding all my apps etc! Though I'd definitely give it a go if I was getting considerably less.

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    I know what you mean .  I'm fortunte in that my working week is based mainly around my office desk so this battery draining issue has been more of an irritation that I've been able to manage by keeping the phone connected to a charger.  However, I recently had to spend a couple of days off site visiting clients and that's when it really became a pain in the backside worrying when I was suddently going to lose the phone.


    I have no idea whether this approach will work for everyone but I guess it's worth a try. 



    Good luck!

  • Papasin69 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple better step it up with ios 7. The ios is boring and old, Apple needs something new! Something w/o battery issues. It really hasn't changed much, couple add on's but that's about it. Plus Siri is a Rumor is that Tim Cook may be replaced? It's a rumor, nothing else. But I can see it happen. Ios 6 was a problem from day one. Step it up or another company is gonna come in and I don't want to see that because Apple makes great products! Just need a better software for mobile products, iPads and iPods.



    Battery still draining.....went through all fix it yourself and nothing works. Seems worse now? Oh well.

  • aliea Level 1 Level 1

    I must say that after upgrading to 6.1.4 the battery life of my iPhone 5 improved enormously! Able to get close to 8 hours of usage now up from around 5 with 6.1.3

  • gvachhani Level 1 Level 1

    How did you add your applications and stuff? I tried the whole restore as new iPhone route but nothing. I'm still barely able to get 2 hours of usage on my iphone 4s.


    I've heard people claim that adding your applications via WiFi instead of 3g solves the battery drain.

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Strange!  Updating to 6.1.4 made absolutley no difference to my battery draining issue whatsoever.  My understanding is that 6.1.4 was a very small (11MB) update designed to enhance speaker phone quality.  It just goes to show that while it's only a relatively small number of devices affected after upgrading to 6.1.3, there is no identifiable common denominator.  No wonder Apple are strugglingto come to terms with it.

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. I downloaded my apps one by one from the App Store over WiFi.  I can't comment on whether doing the same over GPRS produces different results as I didn't try that.  I did origianlly try restoring in iTunes then recovering all my apps and data from the back up and that most certainly did not work for me.

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, here's the update I promised.  Following on from yesterday's activity reinstalling 20 of my most used apps direct from the App Store over WiFi the device finally died at 10pm yesterday evening having run since 6.30am without a recharge.  That equates to an average 6.45% loss of battery per hour.  I didn't make or take any alls during the day but I was picking up emails from Outlook Exchange and Hotmail.  I left Bluetooth running all day as well.  Did about an hour of browsing during the evening (WiFi again) and it finally died at 10pm.


    So far this morning, it's been up and off charge (100%) since 6.30am (4 hours) and the battery is showing 80%. I'm perfectly happy with 5% dissipation per hour.


    • Uptime off charge - 4 hours
    • Battery level - 80%
    • Time since last full charge
      • Usage 1 hour, 34 minutes
      • Standby 4 hours, 3 minutes


    Good times!

  • DarrylR Level 1 Level 1

    Websites are reporting that there server logs are showing a spikes from devices running the unannounced iOS 7 firmware over the last week. I guess some employees are testing it out.

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Interesting news, thanks for that.


    Well at least I now have an effective workaround in case IOS 7.0 (or whatever they call it when it's released for general consumption) fails to address the battery drainage issue.  I'm now 9.5 hours into my second day of not having to keep the phone on charge.  The battery is showing 66% which means I'm losing around 3.5% per hour.  Hopefully this workaround might at least work for some people if they can be bothered to manually reinstall their apps over WiFi.  For me it was well worth the effort.

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