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    6.1.4 has been pretty good for me so far. 6.1.3 I did everything including a restore from backup with no luck. Downloaded 6.1.4 OTA and initially it wasn't any better. Did a couple hard resets the other day and I got 10 hours usage half on WiFi half on LTE. Not here to tell people "Download 6.1.4!" But just my experiences with it.

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    Forgot to mention i was also in a location for about 90 minutes where I had terrible reception bouncing in and out of LTE, 3G, and the circle °

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    Nice.  Maybe the combination of 6.1.4 and the hard resets spurred it on.  Hopefully the IOS 7 rumour is true and we an look forward to either a stable device or more fun and frolics very soon!

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    Yea lets hope the new releases become more stable. And/or 6.1.4 and hard resets help some of you guys out

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    Google search was draining my battery...I started deleting apps one day at a time to see if battery would improve. Not going to say what apps I think had an effect on my battery, but you would be surprised how many apps did drain my battery. I thought apple was getting ahold on this issue?


    Hope next month Apple shows us a little of ios7? I hope it's completely different from 2007 to present. Change the whole thing, ios is boring and way to user friendly. A 3 year old can use it. Give it a future look.

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    Why wouldn't Appe address the battery issue with 6.1.4? Speaker problem? How does a software fix a speaker issue? Thought the battery was a bigger problem!

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    Still reading about Apple replacing Tim Cook? Lol   That wouldn't be a bad idea?

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    Thats better battery life than what I'm getting. You're on pace for nearly 8 hours with Bluetooth enabled. Mine only lasts about seven hours with Bluetooth and many other features off. Maybe my battery's just old

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    Exactly, The battery clearly is a bigger problem which is why its taking Apple longer to address.  I do think that releasing a small patch like 6.1.4 is a kick in the nuts for those people desperate to see the battery issues fixed and it might have been more prudent for Apple to hold back and include the speaker phone enhancement in the roll out of IOS 7.  Then again, who knows what knew vexations that might provide us with???

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    My phone is about 7 months old I  think.  I'm actually getting close to 15 hours standby with bluetooth enabled and just picking up emails and a bit of browsing.  Now I've had three stable days of good battery life I'm going to back it up in iTunes just in case the next release or app causes the battery issue to return.

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    Ha yeah it needs to be a lot more difficult to use. Who wants a phone thats user friendly?  What were they thinking?

    Papasin69 wrote:

    Hope next month Apple shows us a little of ios7? I hope it's completely different from 2007 to present. Change the whole thing, ios is boring and way to user friendly. A 3 year old can use it. Give it a future look.

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    today i looked up on the specs of iphone4 on it said iphone4 is upgradable to ios 6.1.3. that means there will be no updates anymore for this device? does anyone know about ios 6.1.4 or io7? when they will be available?

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    6.1.4 was a small patch release to enhance the speakerphone.  IOS 7 is rumoured to be under test amongst the Apple Development community right now. nts-at-impending-apple-reveal-1150090

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    Only compatible updates will be recognized by your IOS device.  No need to check specs ect.  Just go to Settings > General > Software Update -- If thier is a compatible update it will show up there.

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    Will be interested to hear if your phone stays fixed especially as I often run some of the apps you mention. 


    My 4S had been suffering with terrible battery and has been running warm in my pocket when it should be in standby since some time after upgrading to 6.1.3. My standby and usage times are almost the same values and yet my phone is barely used during the day except to receive emails from icloud. Following it also consuming my monthly data allowance (which has ****** me off), and having tried all other things like disabling iCloud functionality I decided to take the drastic step of wiping and setting it up as a new device, then downloading apps back on to it. I also had to use some convoluted steps to restore some data to apps.


    That was about a week ago and afterwards battery life was excellent - after several hours it was still on 100%. By the end of the day, it was 70%.  A week later though and it has suddenly returned to being terrible and running warm in my pocket. This morning I did a hard reset (home and lock buttons until reboots) and the used the multi-tasking toolbar to kill off every single running application incl. the built-in Mail, Phone, Contacts etc.. until nothing was left. I think I've turned off Safari iCloud syncing too temporarily to see how that affects things.


    Since then battery life has returned to being good but I suspect there's some issue of conflict between some apps and the updates to the iOS, or that there's a memory management bug somewhere that takes a while to manifest. It maybe that your upgrade to 6.1.4 has temporarily done the same reset for your device and the problems will start to reappear after a week or so.  For reference the only apps that I have run today (and therefore show in the multi-tasking toolbar), seemingly without problem, are:

    Notes (iCloud synced)

    App Store










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