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    My 4S has also had terrible battery life since 6.1.3. I did remote diagnostics with Apple chat and they confirmed my battery was fine. They said several apps, including internal Apple apps, were "corrupt".


    I've done several hard reboots, turned off iCloud, blue tooth, all alerts, updates, etc. last night I turned off every app and went to bed with 100% charge. This morning it was at 60%. I used to wake up at 99%. Argh!!!


    Wish I could just roll back.

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    Next month Apple is changing the walk in exchange your phone program, to leave it at a Apple or send it in and Apple will fix it. Your home button not working? Apple will fix it now, pretty soon it will have all parts on hand and people to fix your phone. No more walking in and replacing it with a new or like new. I said this before, it's in the Apple insider. Apple is getting killed handing out iPhones, iPads and iPods. The good old days are over. That was one great thing Apple had over other company's. who else does that? NO ONE!


    Look it up, so if you think your idevices is not working right? I would go to an Apple store soon before this goes in affect. Every tech company is competing like crazy! Firefox making a smart phone! Lol. It's who can come up with the lateset and greatest, and things are getting rushed and getting sloppy! These toys we buy are expensive, and if its broken, nothing is getting done about it. Save my money, buy a cabin, and get away from this whole tech new world, because its ugly, and it's greedy, and it's taking your hard earned money!! Makes me sick.. I wish I was born in 1930. Before all of this.

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    "I wish I was born in 1930. Before all of this." *facepalm*

    Do you not know even the smallest bit of world history? The 1930s was The Great Depression. Everything for nearly everyone was terrible. Please stop your useless non-user technical support. You're just putting useless information into the thread giving those that are reading through for actual solution to have to read through your nonsense. Go make your own thread on "Rumors I somehow found on the internet" and full that up with your posts. Nearly every post you've made does not help anybody troubleshoot their problems. It just gives them more of a headache having to read through your irrelevant posts. This is a user-to-user technical forum, not a place to repost rumors you have found.

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    Apple still offers advanced replacement for any devices still under warranty.  They just bill you for it and send the new unit (any device) and credit you back the full amount when the faulty unit arrives at their returns wharehouse.  They even send you a prepaid labeled box to ship it back.  No brainer to use this option for me, much less time involved compared to going to an Apple store. 


    I agree with iiWoodstock, your posts are quite often off topic and repetative and / or full of 'reported' not factual information. Also do you really need to reply to yourself?? kind of redundant if you ask me.....

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    Born in the 1930's!!! Don't get me started on history because you will loose Woodstock!! I can post what I like! Just as long as I follow the rules of the forum. My post wasn't edited or deleted. I was just informing people with this new fix it at the store policy. It's really a big deal I relied off my own post? Lol. Should I post something I found on the Internet that could give you an extra 2 hours of battery life? Nothing else you can do to fix the battery until Apple comes out with a fix. I see only one more person agreeing with you. I'm gonna end it here because of the rules,

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    I don't see why you care? You posted about selling your iPhone and getting an android! No faith in Apple! How many Apple products do you own? One? An iPhone? Go get an android phone!

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    Hard resets don't do anything for the battery. Useless info. Plus I've heard that a hundred times. No ones battery is gonna get better until Apple comes out with a new update(ios7) end of story.....I didn't know we couldn't talk about anything else but battery drain issues! This forum is the same, page after page.  Thanks to a lot people who never inform Apple of the issue we are stuck with 6.1.3.  Try calling Apple first, report the problem so Apple can fix it. Keep posting fix it yourself doesn't work! Maybe for a few, but the rest of us are stuck bringing our chargers with us.

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    You just don't understand my post. Sorry you don't get it. I can help you understand? Do you need help with that? Let me know?

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    Sure you can post things that relate to battery life since the title of this thread is "iOS 6.1.3 battery drainage" but many of your posts are off-topic. Posts such as "Tim Cook might be replaced," "Apple stops replacements and to start on site repairs," etc.


    As for my post on a DIFFERENT thread, I did say that I was CONSIDERING selling my iPhone in favor of an Android only if my battery problem persisted. Which it did not.


    Hard resets don't directly affect the battery, but they do "refresh" the phone similar to sleeping every night. Hard resets are the same as rebooting/restarting the device, just as a "do this if reboots/restarts cannot be done" ( "Note: Reset your device only if you are unable to restart it." Now yes I did hard reset when I could have just rebooted/restarted, but it was my decision to do what I felt like doing.

    My battery life got better updating from iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.4. So your statement "No ones battery is gonna get better until Apple comes out with a new update(ios7) end of story..." isn't true. My battery life did get better and I have proof.


    Me not understanding your post? You can't even grasp that this is a USER-TO-USER TECHNICAL SUPPORT forum where user (a) has a problem, user (b) helps troubleshoot, user (c) also contributes to on-topic troubleshooting advice, as does user (d), user (e), etc. with good results in the end. You on the other hand, are not contributing to the "iOS 6.1.3 battery drainage" thread, just posing rumors (or they could be completely factual), but off-topic reports that do not help other users solve their issues. Your off-topic posts are simply cluttering up a thread where others ARE trying to solve the issue or provide insight as to what they can do to go about solving their problem. I admit right now I am posting off-topic, but I am keeping it in one reply instead of replying to myself and adding 2+ unnecessary extra posts. Please if you feel that I am not getting your post then please, feel free to enlighten me.


    (I don't mean to seem like I am "internet yelling" by using all caps, but I want to make this next statement standout.)


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    Apple needs more options  and something that's not old! Ios has looked the same for years! It's time to make a change and Apple knows this, I'm sure ios 7 will look very cool, even if rumors say flat icons, w/o the round edges. Is everyone here fubar? I read your post and it makes me a good way. You make me laugh, thank you!

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    Hard reseting an IOS device will very likely improve battery life by killing any 'hanging' or malfunctioning Apps.  I do a hard reset every day before I unplug my phone from the charger.  It's the same as restarting you PC if it's acting up.  If nothing else it frees up available memory which improves performance.  The only part of your statement above that is correct is that 'hard resets don't do anything for the battery' which is true for the physical battery itself.  What you seem to be missing is the battery is NOT the problem, it's the software, firmware and hardware that uses the energy stored in the battery! 


    Regarding your 'right' to post what you want.....  GET OVER YOURSELF!  This is a thread about 6.1.3 battery life problems!  Between you and Thai_Phony4 there are pages & pages of comments that have ZERO relevance on the subject.  Imagine you just discovered your battery was dying in hours...  You search and find this potential helpful thread on Apples User Forums....  You start from the first page to see what others have found to 'fix' the problem...  You read forward and start running into pages and pages of non relevant posts whcih eventually gets so ridiculous that it's no longer worth the time it takes to sort through the irrelevant posts to find further solutions!  HOW DOES THAT HELP ANYONE?


    As to your recent reply to me (also off topic and needless), I completely understand your post. It is irrelevant and useless in this thread!  Also you do not understand my reply.  Apple has not changed how they will deal with faulty devices.  They simple have added another option for the customer.   Maybe you can learn from this reply.  See how easy it is to post multple responses in a single post?  Compare the length here to your multiple off topic posts above....

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    I have tried EVERYTHING! AppleCare have helped me 3 times, I've reinstalled, completely reset firmware and done a fresh install. I have now turned pretty much everything off and the phone (which defeats the object!) and it is running pretty much nothing in order to get me through the day!


    Apple please release an update to fix this!! Anyone got any other ideas of what I can do as this is a working phone



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    Is "battery drain" already fixed in 6.1.3? currently im in 6.1


    Is my battery usage normal? Cos im freakin out with it, ive seen people who can use their iPhones for about 8-10 hrs usage and a day stand by.. Btw i use iPhone 4s..



    My battery: 77%

    Usage: 1 hour 22 minutes

    Standby: 16 hours 2 minutes

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    IOS 6.1.3 was intended to address battery drainage issues already out there but it appears to have exacerbated the problem rather than resolve it.  I've documented elswhere in this post trail the steps I took so this is by way of an update. 


    It's now 6 days since I factory reset my iPhone 5 using iTunes and configured it as a new device rather than restore the backed up apps and data.  My battery life continues to hold up at levels experienced prior to updating to IOS 6.1.3.  Today I took it off overnight charge at 0630, used bluetooth for around an hour while driving to the ofifce then disabled it again.  I've been picking up emails from Outlook Exchange and Hotmail, a few short calls made and received and browsing news sites.  My battery is curretnly on 69% after 10hours 45 minutes use today.  That's under 3% battery drainage per hour. 


    my usage stats as of 17:15 today are:


    Usage      2 Hours, 22 minutes

    Standby 10 hours, 40 minutes


    If it helps I've listed the 20 apps I reinstalled (direct from App Strore over WiFi), those that I didn't reinstall and those that have location services turne on (LS on)





    BBC Sport App
    BBC News
    Sports Tracker
    Find Friends
    You Tube
    Google Maps
    Chiltern Rail
    Bejewelled Blitz
    Sky Sports
    Lottery Checker
    Met Office
    RAC Traffic


    Not reinstalled

    iPlayer Radio
    BBC iPlayer
    HSBC Fast Balance
    Google Earth
    The Trainline
    Battery Monitor
    HA Traffic
    HFT England
    Mail Online
    Saber Builder
    Bubble Blaze


    Location Services On for:




    Find Friends

    Google Maps

    Met Office

    RAC Traffic

    Sports Tracker




    I've read posts by other who say this workaround lasted maybe a week before their batter drainage went of the cliff again.  So far I've had solid battery life for upwards of 14-15 hours a day with no need to recharge. 


    Hope this works for some of you but I'm sure it won't do the trick for everyone.

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    Well I'm a little, or in fact very jealous of those who've managed to somehow cure their drain problem.  Having already been down the wipe and setup as new phone route (giving me a week or so of success) and having hard reset and killed all running apps following the drain reappearing (giving me about two days of success).  I'm now back to a pocket-warming, data-consuming brick which needs charging 2-3 times a day and I daren't use in case it doesn't make it to the next charging cycle.


    I have a few quick questions for those who've had some success with a complete wipe and setup as new phone:

    1. Do you have iCloud syncing between multiple devices i.e. to OSX and iPad etc...? 
    2. Do you use the Notes app, especially with iCloud sync?
    3. Do you use Safari's reading list function?


    Desparately trying to find a repeatable process that means I can properly report to Apple, rather than just a stroppy email to Tim Cook. 

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