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  • Spanani Level 1 Level 1

    Now we have 6.1.4 and the battery problem still remains. Seams that Apple doesn`t do anything to solve this problem. Sorry guyes but for me this was the last Apple device!

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    6.1.4 was never intended to fix the battery drainage issue.  It was a very small patch aimed at enhancing the speakerphone quality and was almost certainly in their release schedule before 6.1.3 issues began to appear. Furthermore Apple continue to remain silent in terms of acknowledging the fact that many more devices fell victim as a result of updating to 6.1.3 which was supposed to fix the issue.


    For what it's worth, I'm enjoying my tenth consecutive day of my iPhone 5 retaining a charge throughout the day since doing a factory restore without restoring the apps and data from the back up.  You can see more if you search for my earlier posts in this trail. Some say this workaround only worked for a week before the battery drainage issue resurfaced.  As I say, I'm ten days in and my battery is performing just as well as it did before 6.1.3.


    I would expect the latest attempt by Apple to fix the drainage issue to be included in IOS 7 which is apparently out there and under test with the Apple Development community.


    If you do try my workaround make sure when you reinstall your apps from the App Store you do it over Wi-Fi.  There are many reports of battery problems remaining if you download over GPRS.  Doesn't make any sense I know as it's just data but there is no real identifiable common denominator or pattern with this issue. 

  • WhelkWhelk Level 1 Level 1

    Bumping thread. I restored my phone, and things were ok for a couple of days before getting back to awful battery life.


    Apple, this *****. How could this slip past your QA? If you are going to brag about your battery life, you actually need to test it.


    It may be a tricky fix, but an official acknowledgement of the problem will do a lot to restore goodwill in your company.

  • WhelkWhelk Level 1 Level 1

    Haha. "S U C K S" was censored.

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry to hear the fix didn't last longer.  For what it's worth (and for anyone who has followed my earlier threads) here's an update.


    Did a factory reset via iTunes 13 days ago on 08th May. Didn't restore backed up data but re-installed most of my apps from the App Store over Wi-Fi - not GPRS.  Between updating to IOS 6.1.3 over the Easter Weekend and doing the factory reset, I was losing 80% of battery power within 4 hours of taking the device of charge.  I had previously tried a factory restore including  restoring the apps and data from iTunes.  That approach didn't work and my battery drainage stayed the same.  The second factory restore did work so presumably re-installing the apps from the iTunes back up also reintroduced whatever was contributing to the problem.  I also updated to 6.1.4 which made no difference either way (nor was it designed to).


    Whatever, since 08th May, my battery has held a charge for at least 15-16 hours per day without needing a re-charge.  Charging overnight to 100% is enough to keep the device powered up all day with a few phone calls, collecting and sending emails via Outlook and Hotmail etc.  I have Bluetooth on for at least 3 hours per day and when I've forgotten to disable it there has been no appreciable deterioration in battery life.


    This approach clearly doesn't work for everyone but two weeks in it seems to be holding up for me.  The phone had been off chage eight and a half hous when I took these screen shots.






  • Realmaverick Level 1 Level 1

    Randomly the battery problem come back for me. After working fine for several weeks, suddenly I'm back to a pretty **** battery. 4 hours usage and dead.


    Luckily I have a Mophie Juice pack which saves the day every time.


    I guess we shall all have to hold out hope for iOS 7!!

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Realmaverick, sorry to hear that.  I guess I can expect to run out of luck sometime soon in that case!  It'll probably be a waste of effort but I might try saving a new back up in iTunes and if my battery does crash again I can at least try a restore.  Other than that I agree, we'll just have to keep 'em crossed that IOS7 achieves three criteria:


    1. It arrives soon
    2. It fixes he battery drainage issue once and for all for every device / configuration
    3. It doesn't %&*^ anything else up!!!!


    Place your bets!


    Cheers for now. 

  • TheOtherGeoff Level 1 Level 1

    yes, my resetting appears to help 'occasionally' but does not fully fix the problem... today, I went from 15% to power-off recharge mode in 10 minutes.


    My 4s is 14 months old, and when location services are off, it appears to be pretty good (8+ hours of web and phone use). However, this is too flaky to live with/depend on when going into meeting with less than 50% charge.



  • ravisirsi Level 1 Level 1

    Everyone here is saying turn this off, turn that off, if we have to turn the essentials off like mail push location, then why did we pay a premium price to get a phone like this. My phone after the iOS 6.1.3 update has been discharging at the rate of 30% per hour and by 3.5hours am trying to locate a nearest charging point! Now I make 5-6 calls a day of 3 minutes duration each and use 3G for may be 15 minutes in a day to check my emails , looking at the way suggestions have been posted on this thread I would not be surprised if some one tells me to switch of my network functions and use my iPhone as a iPod! Please suggest some solution which does not require me to restore my phone or disable basic functions as   I have invested in a smartphone not a $10 phone !

  • apple_of_my_i Level 1 Level 1

    Hey ravisirsi.  What are you complaining about?  The folks posting stuff here are just normal every day people tyring to help each other out.  I haven't suggested turning anything on or off.  I've simply related the workaround I used and which has worked for me for the last 15 days.  I know if doesn't work for everyone but it might help a few people.  My phone was discharging within 4 to 5 hours just like yours.  Now it's holding a charge like it used to for 15-16 hours.  Maybe that will all change tomorrow or the next day and I'll be back where I was after 6.1.3 but I feel it's worth sharing in case it helps.


    I share your frustration but don't vent it here. Call Apple and give them a piece of your mind!!!!

  • littlebabymia Level 1 Level 1

    Apple clearly is not concerned that their customers are having this problem. I called and emailed my response from Apple was to purchase a contract and send it in. I am not buying a new i anything if this is not resolved I love my iPhone 4 and intend to keep it. This is frustrating! I wonder if Samsung or Motolora are having this problem?

  • ravisirsi Level 1 Level 1

    My bad it was not directed at any of the community members, guess being a Apple fan I was trying to vent out my anger as you correctly pointed out. Only wish all smartphone companies not only concentrate on smart features but also that they don't comporomise on battery life, especially in that nth moment where we have a desperate need to connect to someone on call, and your phone just keeps draining until it finally dies! Especially that the battery percentage prediction methods are still premature and do not give a accurate picture! , apologies if my post sounded like I was complaining to you!

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    Please check this solution which worked for me since the ios 6.1 update.  You dont need to restore anything, just a few minutes of your time will do.  Try to do this proceedures while the phone is plugged in, and charged to 100%.


    1. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>iCloud

    2. Turn off everything from mail to find my iPhone, but do not delete anything.  Leave everything in your phone or iPad.

    3. Follow the same proceedure for every mail account you have.

    4. Go to Fetch New Data, turn off Push, and check Manual.  Go to Advanced at the bottom, and swtich everything to Manual.

    5. Go to Privacy>Location and turn it off.

    6. Set Brightness to Auto

    7. Kill all open apps. Reset the phone by holding both Power and Home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

    8. Go back to Settings and turn your settings back ON except for Push.


    For my iPhone 5, I have my wifi on 24/7.  I only turn on data when i need it as it is really gulps you battery juices.  You won't fix it the first time, just try to do it when you feel your battery is not right or when you feel your phone or other iDevices getting hot.  Hope this will help you.

  • AmuricanPatriot Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, unfortunately my battery life's nothing compared to yours. I got 6 hours and 41 minutes of usage and 12 hours of standby time. The phone died at about 9 pm last night. I only sent some texts, browsed safari, checked email and listened to music. When I took it off the charger yesterday morning at 9:30, it only registered 99% as full, and the phone instantly shut off after I took a screenshot of it at 1%. This is pathetic battery life for how lightly I've been using it.

  • er_jaime Level 1 Level 1

    I got my iPhone 4 replaced 3 months ago by a new one, also 4. l updated the software to 6.1.3 2 days ago and since then it's been eating my battery like crazy. Last night l had 64% battery when l went to sleep and 8 hours later l woke up and the phone was dead!!! Good thing l wasn't catching a flight early this morning!!!


    This is clearly a bug from the software update. l spoke to some colleagues at work and they also have this problem since 2-3 days ago.


    l expect an improvemen ASAP or l switch to Samsung. As easy as this.

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