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    The 6.1.3 update is a mess.


    To me there is no doubt - at all.


    Ever since the 6.1.3 update I have noticed that my ipad 4 is draining battery much faster then before. Before 6.1.3 I could charme the ipad once a week, now it is 2-3 times a week.


    A friend of mine got a iPhone 5 in start February, after updating to 6.1.3, he was loosing 1% every 3 minuttes, We tried all the tricks. Backup/restore using iTunes. Reinstallaing iOs (terminal off, hold home button, connect cable) and then restoring it again. Even if we did the iOs restore and did not install ANY applications at all, or setup any mail accounts. The batteri drain was still 1% every 3 minuttes.


    So Thank you very much Apple, you really f*cked it up this time.



    Iphone 4, still running iOs 5.01 and will do so until it dies.

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    I have this issue with cellular data and if I start to use 3G, my battery is peace of crap, if I'm not using 3G, battery is awesome

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    Hi Iphone 5 users !!!


    This is my first iphone and lately I have been having the same issue you all been having aka battery drainage. I thoughtI was recharging my phone too often and fryin my battery but no .. So, biggest thanks to my awesome sister in law for the help and being a life saver heh ...


    You might have to turn off all the apps you have been using .. How ?


    Double push the home button and the apps should be popping up on the bottom .. Hold down til you see red "-" circle icon on each app .. By turning them off, you click on on those apps and no, it wont delete the apps so no worries everyone heh .. This should, at least, solve your battery drainage issue .. Once you turn off all of your apps, charge your iphone til its 100% .. Unplug your phone and you will see the difference .. Your phone should be at 100% for at least an hour or so ..


    Also, if youre not using "location services" you may want to keep it off til you need to use it ..


    I hope this helps !!


    PS .. My phone have been 100% since 1:06pm, its getting better 

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    For you guys that got your iPhones swapped by an Apple Retail Store due to the battery drainage issue, do (or did) they care whether there was light body damage either already like that when out of the box or accidental drops caused by yourselves?

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    this is ridiculous... The "Fixes" that people are saying to make the battery work like it used to.  Turn off this, that, these, etc etc. Why on earth should you have to turn off anything? it worked FINE before this update.  I just updated Wednesday (didnt read anything about it... It asked when i plugged into iTunes 11... speaking of disasters!)

    and didnt notice anything till the next morning. Unplugged the phone from a full charge at 7:00 am and by 11:30 with ZERO usage. i was at 8%! i had just installed a few apps, so i deleted them and charged it up some. Still saw a rapid discharge. Thought my phone was broken. I restored as new and it sat at 100% for almost an hour before dropping to 99%.  Im going to say that it has to be e-mail since i did not set that up. SO, the problem is email.... Apple needs to fix this ASAP!! we should not have to mess around turning things off and jump through hoops just to make our battery last till the end of the work day! Didnt this update come ouot like a month ago? why no fix yet!?

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    HI StaticFX.  Firstly, I don't work for, or represent Apple and I strongly suspect that to be the case with the rest of the good folk in this trail.  It amuses me how some people use these forums as a platform for a rant at ordinary guys (and girls) like yourself.  Call Apple and have a good old rant at them!!!!!


    Secondly, while you may think it's ridiculous that "we" as a group of ordinary iPhone users have shared our varous experiences with the fallout from 6.1.3 as well as the success (or failure) of any work arounds we may have tried, some of us have actually found it to be useful. Be that "switching things on and off, unistalling etc" or trying the workaround that appears to have resolved the issue for me.


    I suffered exctly the same probem that you have described, losing all of my battery within 4 to 5 hours of taking it off charge, after upgrading to 6.1.3 over the Easter Weekend.   You'll see, if you scroll back a few pages and read my earlier posts, that I even tried a factory restore but made the mistake of restoring my apps and data from the iTune back up. Result - battery drain issue remained.


    I then tried another suggestion, namely restoring as a new device then reinstalling the apps individually from the App Store over Wi-Fi.  Result - since 8th May (23 days now) my iPhone 5 again holds a charge throughout the day from around 7am until I get my head down at 11pm.  During that time I make and receive calls, send and receive emails (outlook exchange and hotmail), maybe do a bit of browsing etc.


    At the time of writing this, my phone has been off charge (100%) since 7.30am. It's now almost 3pm so at 64% after 7.5 hours I've lost  4.8% per hour.  I've left Bluetooth running so if I'd remembered to turn it off when I got out of the car this morning I'd probably have only lost around 3% to 3.5% per hour.  I have four apps open and all mail accounts turned on.


    photo 1.PNGphoto 2.PNG


    I've read other posts where this appraoch only workd for a week or so before the drainage problem returned.  Clearly I have been lucky in lasting out over three weeks.


    I'm not saying my fix works for everyone, but if it helps anyone then that's a good thing.  I agree that Apple as a corporation, having been happy to take people's hard earned money are frankly taking the **** in not publicly acknowledging the issue but then they do have a share price to consider!!!!!


    Finally, for what it's worth I don't actually believe the probelm is with the battery but with the software that monitors and reports battery usage.  If it "thinks" the battery has reached 0%, it will power the device down regardless.  I wonder whether anyone who is currently losing the whole 100% within a few hours has tried removing the battery and putting it into an identical iPhone model and checking what battery strenth is reported.


    You're convinced it's the email causing the issue. Maybe for your device it is.  Email works fine on mine therefore it seems equally probable that different devices are affected in different ways.


    I'd be interested to know how long your improved battery performance lasts and what happens if you're brave enough to try turning on email again at some point.  Good Luck

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    its the push email setting.

    once i turned it off - bam immediately stopped draining. 7hrs later.. 10% loss only.



    my point though with this rant is that apple should have caught this in testing.. or at the VERY Least allow us to go back to 6.1.2! We should have to figure out how to work around issues that should not be present in an update.


    I understand "stuff" happens... which is why you should be allow to revert back to a previous version. very lame imo

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    Article shows Facebook waking up every few minutes and doing something for 10 seconds each time.


    Utter joke. Apple should ban apps from doing **** like that.


    I'm gonna ensure I close Facebook properly each time I use it and see if it makes a difference to my battery.

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    If this is confirmed, it would explain why (some) people observe a return to battery drainage even after restoring as a new phone. However (and I haven't checked this), one would kind of expect to see remarks about drainage in the app comments on the store.

    For those who'd like to see whether getting rid of the FB app improves battery life: myself I've deleted the app a long time ago because it's just too frustrating to use, even for an "acceptable waste of time" the whole FB thing is (and it shows ads in the middle of my feeds). For simple glances at my feeds I use Flipboard, sometimes I use Facely HD (which is an almost perfect replacement for the "official" app), but often I simply open the desktop version in Chrome.

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    its not FB.. at least not for me. Its PUSH/email checking. I turned Osuh off and set it for manual checking and the battery uages is actually better than before 6.1.3 lol.  BUT.. They NEED to fix this. We should have to turn off push because they screwed up

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    Ok team... I was holding on to 5.1.1 but our company made 6.1.3 mandatory for all Apple devices, so I had to bite the bullet. I have an iPhone 4S and I must say that with my method for upgrading I'm now enjoying better battery life. I upgraded 10 days ago.


    My method is a bit extreme since you'll have to start with your phone as it was brand new and you'll have to start from scratch with your apps, but at least for me it has worked so far.


    Quanta's Upgrade Method (tm)


    Before starting charge your phone to 100%


    1- Start with a Factory Reset (erase all content and settings) with your current iOS version.


    2- Delete your current backups and library from iTunes (google delete iTunes library for instructions). The idea is to start with an empty iTunes since you'll setup your phone as a new one.


    3- Connect your iPhone to your computer and fire up iTunes. You'll start as if your phone and iTunes are brand new. Let it run the first update check and it will tell you that there's a new version of iOS. Click download and install and let it perform the update.


    4- Disconnect your phone and do a new factory reset (erase all content and settings), also delete your backup and library.


    5- Do the basic setup on the phone again and reconnect to the computer and set it up in iTunes again.


    6- At this point I started installing my apps via Wifi. I've installed the basic apps that I use on a daily basis: Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Dropbox, Google Maps and YouTube. And just a couple of games, Cut the rope, fruit ninja and Angry Birds.


    7- I've also set my two main Email accounts. The one from work (Exchange) and my personal Gmail account (on Exchange mode). Both have Push Email active. My Gmail accounts is also synching my contacts.


    8-  I've activated iCloud for Find my iPhone and also to sync my notes and bookmarks. All other options from iCloud are off.


    9- Last step was to charge again to 100% and then use it normally until the phone shuts down, this will allow you to calibrate the battery circuit under the new OS


    With this method I'm getting through the day easily with my phone. I have 3G and data ON all the time, and I receive quite a few emails daily. I must say that with the new OS I saw on my standby usage stats the words "1 day and x hours..." For the first time, since with 5.1.1 I would only get a max of 18-19 hours of standby, even with light use.


    This weekend I'm planning to apply the same method to upgrade my iPad 3 to 6.1.3 (it's also on 5.1.1), Ill report the results. If you have any questions let me know.

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    Glad to hear that you have solved this issue. But I think this 6.1.3 update is a gigant mess, and that there maybe more then one way out of it. I have seen a Iphone 5, drain 1% every 3 minutes without *any* apps, installed or mail accounts setup. Only a wifi connection was setup.Before the 6.1.3 update, the terminal was running smoothly.


    If this faulty update reqruires that everybody has to do all what you have done, Then I won´t be out of job for a long time. But the job will be booooooring. In the company I work, I have seen at least 10 terminals with this error, out of 20.



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    Hi QuantaDJ.  Reading through your workaround, it seems almost identical to mine except I didn't bother with the battery calibration (point 9).  Still enjoying 16+ hours of up time without charging during the day.

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    when is the release date for 6.1.4 iOS for iPhone 4S??

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