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    Er, I think you will find I (we) have read the thread, we are simply saying what did finally work for us.  I have been through many tweaks and prods of various things, including completely rebuilding the phone from scratch (you know this because you've clearly read my earlier comments in this thread). 


    The point I'm making is that turning Push off is easily overlooked for many people, including me.  Logically if you disable email accounts (iCloud), the Push status shouldn't have an effect.  It does.  Equally if you read many "solutions" they are things that offer incremental improvements in battery life by removing functionality of the handset.  Turning off 3G for example improves battery life, but it isn't the thing that was killing my phone dead after 4 hours in standby and preventing me from actually using the device as it was intended.  Push is one of these features that I, for the reasons listed above, overlooked.  But in this case the improvement in turning it off was significantly more than incremental, and has stopped my handset from running hot in standby.  So it worked for me, and several others - we're just re-iterating that.  So before you strip yourself naked and dance on a full moon whilst charging your iPhone you should perhaps double-check you've tried this. 


    I'm sorry it doesn't work for you, but when you do think you've finally found a fix for your battery drain problem please come back and post it here.  Perhaps I can then reply to tell you it doesn't work for me and you're just wasting everybody's time.

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    Boy do you need to get out more.


    Your original post read as though we are all idiots and that you had found THE answer.  Belatedly you explain that this wasn't the case. Perhaps you should have made yourself clearer the first time around.

  • bowbieloll Level 1 Level 1

    Alas I haven't been able to get out much recently due to the permanent need to be near a charging point.


    Everyone here does have THE answer.  It's just it's the answer for them - we shouldn't get frustrated if it doesn't necessarily work for us.  That frustration should be directed at Apple.

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    As far as I'm concerned, there is NO permanent fix to the issues with webbookmarksd.


    In the last 6 1/2 months I have fixed this issue 3 times, after deleting my bookmarks database on my MacBook to ensure a clean non corrupt version, doing the same within my iOS Backup using the outlined methods iBackupBot, then setting the phone up as new.  The fix lasted approximately 1 month before I had to fix again and did this a couple of times before going the next route.


    Specifically, since April, I've set up my phone twice completely as new, manually putting everything back on my phone, not restoring anything whatsoever from a "cleaned" backup, and turn off and do NOT use iCloud syncing of Safari data on my iPhone as well as NO iCloud syncing of Safari data my MacBook. Webbookmarksd has begun to run amuck within a week each time.



    Additionally, even though syncing of Safari data is off everywhere anytime Safari is launched on my iPhone the "webbookmarksd" process starts up and continues to run until I either kill the process or force close all running apps and reboot phone.


    One would think that if iCloud syncing of Safari data has been turned off, then webbookmarksd shouldn't continue running amuck, unless of course the more obvious being that there several other integrated processes making calls to webbookmarksd that have nothing to do with the syncing of bookmarks, reading list and VISITED App Store pages.

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    iOS 6.1.3 is terrible on my iPhone 4. Before the update I could easily get two days of on time out of it with a few calls and texts, podcasts and music, YouTube and web surfing with Chrome.




    I did a test today and with my iPhone fully charged at 100% and started browsing the web with Chrome using wifi. It went from 100% to 64% in just over 30 minutes.


    I also did another test where I watched exactly 10 minutes of YouTube videos and it went from 63% to 52%. These results are horrible compared to what I was getting just a short while ago.

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    Hello, my iPhone 4s with ios 6.1.3 battery drains a lot when shooting photos and videos for camera application. Has anyone here ever checked this detail?





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    Two weeks ago my phone was turned off over night due to battery drainage (even though it had aound 80% battery when I went to sleep). Just like that. Suddenly. So I came in here and read everything you all said and tried a variety of solutions and combinations of solutions. I turned off 3G and WiFi and iCloud and Push and it kind of worked but not so...Then a week ago I posted my problem on my facebook page to see if anyone else around me was having similar problems and a friend replied "it's the Facebook App. no joke". I had already read smth about that on the internet. Some developer it seems, did some tests and thinks that it's the Facebook App causing the drainage (if you google 'facebook draining battery on iphone' you can read what he says). So I deleted the Facebook App and all the apps that go with it (Messenger, Pages) mainly because I was desperate since I was leaving for a 1 week camping trip and did not want to risk not having battery. AND IT WORKED! My battery behaved normally (with 3G, Wi-Fi, iCloud, Push turned OFF mind you). NOW, personally I don't think it's only Facebook to blame, because as some people in here said, they do not have Facebook and their batteries are still draining fast. But for those of you that do have Facebook, try deleting it and see if it makes a difference. You can always use Facebook through Safari. Still, I think that there are more things to blame for the drainage, incl. 3G, Wi-Fi, Push, iCloud so I am keeping all these switched off and turning them on only when I need them (I have only switched Find My iPhone on). I hope a solution is found, however, because I agree with what some of you have said in here: what's the point of having a smartphone if you need to have all these disabled...our iphones were functioning perfectly. What happened suddenly?

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    This also worked for me -- I deleted Instagram, Vine, Facebook, and Twitter. 4 apps I use most. The phone corrected itself overnight! Mind you, it's a brand new phone from apple (I had applecare+). Anyways, try deleting these apps. I reinstalled Instagram and everything was fine. I JUST reinstalled Twitter, and hopefully that's not the issue. Tonight I'll reinstall facebook and vine. Good luck folks!

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    I, like many here, do not have any of those apps so that cannot be the answer.  Presently I'm using my £500 smart phone for voice calls and texts only - less than five of each per day and still I can watch the battery drain away.

  • sie_ Level 1 Level 1

    Ios 7 is now in beata hopefully that will solve the problem but not for 3gs users as 6.1.3 was the final update for 3gs only iphone 4 4s and 5 support ios 7 so looks like 3gs users are stuck with this problem

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    Yorkie29 wrote:


    I, like many here, do not have any of those apps so that cannot be the answer.  Presently I'm using my £500 smart phone for voice calls and texts only

    Welcome to the arrogant world of Apple.


    If you still have warranty on your device, bite the bullet and hand it in for repair. 3 of my co-workers have gotten their terminals swopped with this error.

  • temporaryalien Level 1 Level 1

    That is good news (not for the 3Gs) but I am wondering. Do we know for sure that the problem lies with the IOS? Because personally I had upgraded to 6.1.3 months before my battery suddenly drained overnight. And if it is the IOS how come no one from Apple has come out to acknowledge the fact?

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    It most definitely is ios 6. I bet apple hasn't acknowledged the issue because they want to force consumers to buy/upgrade to the newest software/device.

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    This problem has been around since the first ios 6 mate apple dont say nothing its never there fault so they say hmmm bs on my old 3gs ios 4.1.1 kept making my phone hard reset when making calls aka i would be talking away to my self because my phone had reset due to an fault caused by ios 4.1.1 witch was 100% the problem as i had x3 iphone 3gs 8gb all brand new from my network all had 4.1.1 and all had the same issue reset during calls 3 faulty phones in a row highly doubtfull but apple same old story its not ios just like now there full of bs so i wouldnt count on ios 7 fixing the problem its more likely to cause a new one witch could be alot worse than battery drain like 3gs with 4.1.1 totaly useless as phone due to them resetting during calls took apple over a year to fix the problem buy that time ide gave up & got a samsung galaxy now i have 4s with batteey drain nice 1 apple now i have to disable everyting just to get half the day out my phone texted & calls is all i can do now so apple why do i have a smart phone for that a nokia 3210 can do that a smart phone that dies if you use it pritty useless smart phone then i would say why lie about ios we all no you full of bs apple just own up and fix the god dam problem and them test ios updates propely before you release them and brake all are phones again and again and again with half assed un propely tested updates

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    Your 'full stop/period' isn't working either!