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    Been their done it, tried. Apple have to take responsibility and compensate when all alternatives have failed. As wit my phone, although they were fully aware what would happen with introduction of ios7, they have not taken ownership of problems caused by them. I now have a dead phone not fit for purpose. On the positive i now know who apple are. Best of luck. No doubt as previously this comment will be removed

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    My iPhone battery was also draining at incredible speeds after updating to 6.1.3..... (completely dead in about 4-1/2 hours). Like most people I tried several things, each in succession to no avail....until I read about "Push". Thank you so much for posting! It WAS a very simple fix, and worked IMMEDIATELY. Afterwards, my phone held a charge at 100 percent for the rest of the day...and now the next morning the charge is still at an incredible 96 percent! Like you I would urge people to try this before going to drastic measures.


    There is a great step-by-step article on exactly how to fix this: pdating-ios-6-1-3-0145493/


    If the link is gone when you read this, here are the steps:

    Disable Push Email

    Having your iPhone constantly check for new emails is stressful on your battery. Instead of having your phone check for emails constantly, disable Push email.

    To do this:

    • Go to Settings -> Main, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data.
    • Set Push to OFF.
    • Click on Advanced and set each email account to Fetch or Manually (as opposed to Push).

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    I bought my Sprint iphone 4s in November 2012.  For the first year, it worked normally, with no real problems....other than the vibrate function not being very strong.  I do not use it every day, and often don't turn it on for days at a time.  Recently I have had problems with the battery draining completely if I leave it in sleep mode overnight.  Meaning of course, that I could not use it as an alarm.  It is now draining at about 10% per hour......on standby.  Also, at times, when it drains like this it becomes hot to the touch.

    Currently, it is using ios 6.1.3, but I don't know whether I updated to that during the first year.  I am wondering if this is a battery problem, software problem or hardware problem.  The overheating makes me think hardware or shorting problem.  The fact that it worked great for the first year makes me think battery problem.  But a lot has been written about the ios problems, so I'm not sure.  Suppose I could change battery and see if that helps.  Looking for ideas.  Thanks.

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