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I was wondering if anyone has replaced the internal optical drive in their Mac Mini (Late 2009) with the PANASONIC UJ-265 Blu-Ray burner?  My optical drive went bad and I actually replaced it with OWC's data doubler but I have been disappointed in the performance of the Seagate 7200 rpm drive I put in so am now thinking that perhaps installing a new optical drive might make sense and the PANASONIC UJ-265 seems like a great solution.  I am running Snow Leopard though and might need to upgrade to Moutain Lion I suppose.  But just looking to see if anyone has any experience with the PANASONIC UJ-265A drive in a Mac Mini.  Thanks.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 8 gb RAM
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    Hummm.... I did a Hitachi 7200 RPM Travelstar in the main bay of my 2010 a while back and I'm getting much better preformance than from the original Toshiba 5400 RPM Drive.


    The UJ-265A should bolt in and work, but OS X does not support Blu-Ray without third party software.


    Check out > Blu-ray support for OS X - Google Search


    The only recommended Blu-Ray players that I know of are external.


    Have a look at > Search Results for Blu-Ray at MacSales.com

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    I just expected better than what I am getting I suppose. My main drive I replaced with a Crucial V4 SSD and that obviusly is fast and not fair to compare. But I thought an internal drive would be faster than an external drive and it really isn't.  Might be that the Seagate is the problem. Not sure.  The install was a disappointment too which I guess just bugs me..  I had to "file" down the metal cradle of the data doubler to make the connector fit and then after having to pull the cradle out once, to do that, the screws no longer held the cradle securely due to the soft metal of the cradle. I spoke to customer support and they seemed only concerned with me giving them info to design their product better.  Sorry, have a little bad taste in my mouth as I expected better from OWC.  In the end, I had to "wire tie" the drive in the cradle until I can figure out a better solution.


    I do have Toast 11 Pro so I have the third-party software for Blu-Ray, sort of.  I say, sort of, since I think Toast is good but not great when it comes to making professional DVD/Blu-Rays.  


    Sorry for gettting off track, I am just trying to mkae sure the Panasonic UJ-265 would work in my Mac Mini. Too often things aren't as they seem when upgrading etc.  I tried an external Blu_ray (Asus) that said it was Mac Compatible and it was not at all.  So I am  bit skidish. But thanks for your iput it does help.