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i just bought an airport express connected it to the modem with a cable=enternet. I created a new wireless airport express network, and when i use this network with my apple devices the wifi signal is still low i was hoping that the wifi signal wil improve.

Have i done something wrong? should i still use the olde wifi ? i tried it too but the wifi there is not improved either.

please help me.

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    If the Express is located near the other WiFi router then there will probably be no improvement.

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    but how can i locate it far from the modem?

    when it's not connect with a cable to the modem, the network says there's no internet connection to the airport express,  also when the settings are on wifi?!

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    If you want to extend a wireless network, using wireless only, AirPort routers can only extend other AirPort networks.

    If you have a non-Apple router and an Apple router, then the Apple router cannot wirelessly extend the non-Apple router. You will have to invest in Powerline adapters or run an Ethernet cable.

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    Hey, thanks a lot for your help. Have a Nice weekend!