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I'm glad to read that Apple has finally addressed the graphics issues with the release of 10.8.3 ML for Mini. I would like to make sure the fix is really working when connected thru HDMI.



I'm thinking of getting a maxed out Mac Mini Late 2012 or a maxed out iMac 27 inch Late 2012.



I'm no-gamer but would be heavily using either one for DV/HD editing (including 1080 60p footage from my Panasonic TM90). Can the Core i7 2.6 quad core along with the Intel 4000 GPU on the Mac Mini handle the HD editing tasks natively with live no stuttering previews on the monitor?. I also have a Canon GL1 DV camcorder that I need to transfer footage. The camcorder comes with Firewire 400 but the mini comes with Firewire 800. Does it work out of the box for video transfers or I have to get a adapter to downgrade to Firewire 400?.



For the work I'm trying to do, is the mini route the best bang for the buck or iMac 27 inch would be better suited for my work?.



What about the internal speakers? I would be playing off some titles thru the speakers. Does these speakers deliver good sound?.



Finally, what is the best 27 inch monitor with IPS display?. I'm planning to get one along with Mini.




iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi, for your needs, I'd go with the top end 27" iMac with the 680MX 2 GB Video card, then max out the RAM yourself, add better external speakers.

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    I'm surprised to here that. Are you referencing HD video (1080/60p) playing/editing that may stutter on the maxed out Mini?.


    I haven't read reviews on using Mini for HD editing.


    Can you elaborate on why iMac and not Mini for non-gaming tasks?

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    Sorry, I can't offer experiences with either, only decades of computer experience, which tells me... Dedicated Video Cards are always better than Intel Integrated Gaphcs, (yes, the HD4000 is a vast improvement), whilst what may work today, my not in the future ith upgrades, in the past, Intel Graphics are the first to be dropped from High end Apps & Games, never heard of anyone wishing they'd bought a slower computer... the i7 Quad Mini with HD4000 performs admirally from what I've seen, but with all the Video problems with various Monitors & outputs... I wouldn't want one for free.

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    I too suggest maxed out iMac 27". Get the fastest processor and upgrade RAM yourself (its cheaper through Crucial or OWC).


    Definitely get external speakers. DO NOT get speakers advertised as "Computer Speakers." They are cheap and have a poor range of frequencies. Ideally, monitors with full-range (20Hz-20kHz). Those might be out of your budget though.


    You will also need an external hard drive to use as your media drive! Do not store your media on your internal drive, or the same drive as your NLE (non-linear editing) system is installed; you will get poor performance. The drive needs to be at least 7200rpm. If you want even better performance look into getting a RAID 0 configured drive.


    Also, you will need an external drive to back up your projects and media to. If its a computer/hard drive, it will crash.

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    Here's a post with some helpful information:



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    Thanks, great post/tips on your part!

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    Thanks :)

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    Always great to see more help here... especially when they have experience/knowledge I dont, thanks again!