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Hi All,


I have a showreel of my work, and some of the clips have sections that are darker than I would like them to be, and I would like to correct the color issues. Is it possible to only correct 3 seconds of over dark video, and not have the entire 2 hours thus over bright? I have tried with key frames, and maybe I am not doing the right way.


I put a keyframe on the 1st frame of the clip in question, then on the last frame of the correct section of the clip, then 1 frame later another keyframe, this is now on the incorrect color clip, then 2 more keyframes, last frame of incorrect color, then on the 1st frame of correct video.


Is this ok?


MacbookPro 2.2 2g RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Sony HVR A1, Canon MV 850i