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I have a Mac pro running OS 10.6.8. I was using Entourage for my email but switched to Outlook 2011. My main reason for doing so was that I wanted a simple way to archive my email. By archive (perhaps I'm using the wrong term), I mean that I can easily move mail from my inbox to a sub folder that reduces the size of my mail file. Unfortunately although Outlook does this very well and easily on the PC, the Mac version does not.


To back up a little, my understanding is that your mail box is really one big file. Although you can divide it into subfolders, it just keeps getting bigger until you delete emails.


If this is true (and perhaps it's not, or depends on which mail program you use) how do I reduce the size of this mail file while "archiving" the removed files in a way that they are readily available. I keep most of my email and refer back to old emails on a fairly regular basis.


I also have about four email addresses, all of which I am accustomed to viewing in the same inbox. I assume I can still do so with Mac Mail.


My goals are to keep my mail file from getting too large and possibly corrupting, and to be able to easily access "archived" emails. I'd prefer to use my current version of Mail, rather than upgrade my OS which will cause some other problems.




Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)