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I updated my iPhone 4s to the newest iOS 6.1.3. since then I have had these issues:

First my sound would not work. I used navigation right after the update, turned off navigation and poof... no sound.

I am no stranger to issues with iPhones, so I did a soft reset (power button and center button).

This has NEVER put my phone back to a factory reset before, this time it came pretty close.

It reset all of my settings, all the sound settings were completely wiped (text tone, email tone, alert tone.. etc.), however they did comeback on.


In addition I can no longer find the option to turn on the battery %.

My general settings were pretty much factory reset. As well as I started getting the pop ups that you get when you first get the phone i.e. "How can Siri help you?" and " Did you know you can rearrange the icons on your homescreen?".


While I yet to have any issues connecting to WiFi, I did notice that the AT&T wifi hotspot kept connecting and disconnecting (not sure if this is their issue or the phone).


I had significant battery drain with the iOS 6.1.2, and issues with the battery getting very hot as well. I hope that this update fixes that.


Is anyone else having these issues? If so, how did you fix them or what other issues are you having with the iOS 6.1.3 update that I need to keep an eyeball out for.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3, AT&T
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