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  • KenNo42 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a iphone 4s and recently accepted the iOS 6.1.3 update three days ago (Stupid me - first mistake). I too have lost the following two things as a result


    Sound from speakers (worked for about 2 secs on a speaker phone call then disappeared completely)

    No clicking noise to the keyboard

    No ringing, incoming messages outgoing messages noise

    No Siri

    So nothing out from the phone

    Does work through headphones, docking, and Bluetooth to car stereo (Now does not show speakers as an option on the phone when calling through bluetooth in the car - just Car or iPhone)


    2. Wifi

    Wifi does not connect to my wifi - has found my business wifi signal and asked for the password which I gave but I have a constant 'spinning wheel' and no connection


    Following advice on these great Community Support Sites (thank you all) I have tried the following without any success

    Checked and double checked all settings - volume, mute, etc

    Cleaning the headphone jack

    Putting headphones jack in and out

    Cleaning the docking station

    Putting the phone in and out of the dock

    Turning the phone off for 24 hrs

    Turning the phone off with side mute button on and then turning it on again with mute off

    Reboot (Power and Home Buttons) - several times

    Restore with last saved back up

    Restore with previous saved back up

    Swearing at the phone loudly and suggesting to the phone that I would put it in a bucket of water if it didnt buck its attitude up

    All to no avail




    APPLE ARE YOU READING ME BECAUSE I CANT HEAR YOU - My speakers have gone??????


    This needs an Apple resolution fast - my phone is my business and thus my livelihood


    I am 3hrs from an Apple Store so cant just wander in to get it fixed I have contacted my local phone provider who has to wait for a "loan phone' to be returned before I can get mine sent away for 5-10 days to get 'fixed' elsewhere.


    Anyone got a solution I have not tried please??


    Thanks for your time

  • KiltedTim Level 8 (48,705 points)

    KenNo42 wrote:


    APPLE ARE YOU READING ME BECAUSE I CANT HEAR YOU - My speakers have gone??????


    This needs an Apple resolution fast - my phone is my business and thus my livelihood

    You're not talking to Apple. This is a user forum.


    Restore the phone as a new device as has already been suggested. Until you do that, you have not eliminated corruption that is already contained in your backup as the cause of the problem.

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    To: KiltedTim


    Thanks for the suggestion and I have done as adviced and still no at this point it is pretty much safe to say that the IOS 6.1.3 update could have or better yet HAS corrupted something in out devices that is causing these problems.  And eventhough we are NOT TALKING TO APPLE, DUE TO THIS BEING A USER FORUM!! I'm sure someone in the Tech department monitors or visits these Forums!!! Hopefully Apple will acknowledge this problem ASAP and have a solution for us soon...cause having people pay $200 for an out of warranty swap is not a viable solution for a device that was not damaged or corrupted by the user (customer) but rather the supplier (apple) by way of an UPDATE!! I think we need to reach out to, BGR, Cnet and other public tech forums so that they can follow this issue and apply pressure so that something gets resolved asap!

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    Hi Kilted Tim

    Thanks for your response - and yes, I understand I am talking to a user forum and I think you are all great as I have tried to work through this issue - would not have got as far as I have without this community - thank you all - I was just hoping that Apple is monitoring these forums somehow to see what issues are arising!


    Thanks for your advice. I noted in my first posting that I have restored the phone twice using the "Restore iPhone..." button on the iTunes/iPhone/Summary screen then restored the backup onto the phone - the first time with the most recently saved backup and then when that didnt work using a previously saved backup from before the iOS upgrade on the second attempt but neither has helped. You said "restore the phone as a new device" so I have now done that too now but no change to the current no sound and no wifi situation


    Thanks Chuyee for your posting too which came in while I was doing my restore to new process - thanks for your sopport on this

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    I have also updated to 6.1.3 and It`s crap, No sound with videos, messages.....NOTHING

    Im so **** angry

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    Hi All,

    This morning I have contacted Apple Support by phone (I am in Australia) and told them of the problem and all the things I have done to try and repair it and they are replacing my iPhone free of charge! The comment was that the issue was that as I have tried all the software fixes it must be a hardware issue which may have been inherent in the phone but was brought to the surface when the upgrade was installed. So they are sending me out a new phone (4s same as mine) As i am 3hr from a store they are express couriering it to me (3-5days at a cost of $39) then I can transfer the data across and send the old phone back (returnable security deposit on Credit Card $679) There was another option of me posting my phone in and then them posting another out but that would mean being without a phone for two weeks so $39 sounded like a good deal!!!

    So get on the phone to your respective Apple Support Numbers and get your phone replaced....

    Good luck and thanks for all your help Support Community


  • KenNo42 Level 1 (0 points)

    PS When I went on line for a Apple Support call then wanted a load of information and them said that I would have to pay but under that there was an 'exception' drop down box that had something like 'issue relation to iOS 6.1 upgrade' which I ticked and ended up with free advice. Interesting that if there is no problem with the upgrade officially that it is an exception on the Apple Support line!! I did ask the tech support if this was an big problem for them and they said that it was not happening to the majority but was to some - Oh we the lucky few!!!

  • NaeHowell Level 1 (0 points)

    Currently on the phone to apple

  • Chuyee Level 1 (0 points)

    whats the low down? any good news? are you in the US?

  • NaeHowell Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok so after 2 hours in total on the phone to apple, I was told to back my phone up, Twice, then was told that i could recover all my info,( I need the contacts as i am pregnant and my husband works 12 hours away with waits in airports and flights, So i have his bosses number etc) I restored the phone then reset as new, Under the advice of the guy i was talking to, He then said to wait, restore then call back, which i did, The girl that i then spoke to said that i had to wait 24-48 hours before restore all my old info back on, this eliminates a spoftware problem, By this stage i wasw almost in tears, If i had of known this i would have got the important numbers written down, So I explain my panic and we restored the phone anyway, figuring it was a hardware issue with my phone and not a software one, so my 7 month old 4s is now going to have to be sent back to apple at a 39 dollar cost to me 760 is held on a credit card till they get my phone back otherwise its a 2 week wait with no phone!


    Im in Australia, and its a comoon problem apparently!

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    I am having many of the same problems. I first started having sound issues last fall with the initial iOS 6 update. My iPhone would think that it was plugged into a dock all the time and I would lose sound on the speaker and the ability to adjust it. At first, this problem did not affect sound when my headphones were plugged in, but now it does.


    With iOS 6.1.3, my speakers are about at half volume when the volume is turned up on the side all the way. I have slept through my alarm twice now because even though the ringer is all the way up, I cannot hear it. Sound is not affected when I am listening with my headphones, but I still have the issue that my iPhone thinks that it is plugged into a dock and I lose sound and cannot adjust the volume.


    I am also currently studying abroad without a data plan and relied on my iMessages to keep in contact with family and friends back in the U.S. However, after the latest iOS 6.1.3 update, I can no longer send iMessages and when I try to send one, the "send" button is green instead of blue. So frustrating.


    I hope that Apple has quick fixes for these issues because I am about ready to switch phones once I return home in June.

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    Hi Ed and others

    I have just got my new iPhone from Apple to replace the defective one which I now have to send back. So happy about that. I did risk loading the 6.1.3 update and when I did that I noticed the same problem that you are having edplunkett with the sound about half volume and thought *#@@!! I've stuffed this new phone up with the 6.1.3 update. But I went to Settings/Sounds which has a Ringer Alert volume slide bar and it had dropped to about halfway and I slid it back up to full volume and then the side buttons allowed me to go even loader still - so all good there - hopefully that will work for you Ed

    Cheers and so good to hear some noise from my speakers again - worth the $39 courier costs!!

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    DON'T RESTORE YOUR PHONE! It's will not resolve anything. I have just received a new iPhone 4S from apple them selves because my old 4s was playing up. After updating to 6.1.3 all wifi settings are corrupt and not excess-able. I have restarted, reset and factory restored several times and still no luck. We just have to be patient and wait for the bug to be fixed I'm afraid.. I hope this helps.

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    I also made the mistake to trust the software update and as a result ended up with a $400 paper weight for my desk, as soon as I ran the update my phone re started as it normally would after an update and sudenly about 3 seconds after it flashed a red battery and shut off, I plugged it in thinking that maybe the battery was out of charge before I ran the update, it took about 4 hours to get it to 50% and it wouldn't power on with anything less than that. It finally came back up, only to start a series of auto shut offs. I did a hard reset on it and when it came back up it displayed 2% battery level instead of the previous 50%. I backed it up and contacted apple and explained the issues only to have them do a complete factory reset that didn't do much at all as I'm still having the same issues, the phone over heats, the battery level reader is not accurate (goes from high 90s to drained levels in a matter of seconds). The apple service adviser mentioned $199 for a replacement, but I don't see why I'd have to pay that kind of money for a phone that is less than 14 months old and worked perfectly fine until the software was updated. It's taken 4 days and counting, and the issues keep coming back. I told the rep, that I feel like Apple is purposedly damaging outdated phones to force customers to buy the newer ones, he mentioned that if the overheating issue damaged my hardware they wouldn't be able to do much more than try to cut me a deal on a new one and even that was at store manager's discretion...

    Apple... why don't you nicely send a text message to all who don't own the latest iphone and tell them that it's time to buy the newest one instead of damaging their current unit with your ridicuouls software upgrades that don't do anything other than create one issue right after the next, it would save us users much pain and frustration,

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    Well, things are better for this guy...So I spoke to a Genius over the phone and I explained my previous posted problem and he verified that my phone was indeed out of warranty (14 months old) but he would adviced me to make an appt at the Genius Bar and have a tech look at it, because based on my issue he was convinced it was a hardware problem and not a software problem (6.1.3 Update)  So I figured I would give it a shot, besides what do I have to loose!?!!? As always the people at my local Apple Store where understanding, professional and seemed to genuinely care about my issue, but stated that the fact that my speaker went out after the update was mere coincidence and so forth.  As I was feeling my blood boil but keeping my cool the first apple rep that greeted me said for me to relax and just wait for my appt time and talk to the tech....after all was said and done..the tech took the my phone to the back and once again said that it was all a big coincidence and so I was getting more and more after about 15 minutes of troubleshooting, restoring, and messing around with the phone she said she could do a speaker swap since everything software related checked out okay...and that if the issue was not resolved she wouldn't charge me for the speaker and for the service as well...10 minutes and $50 bucks later my phone was blasting again!! turns out it was the speaker!!! hope this will work for all others and keep pushing for a solution but keep your cool!!! GOODLUCK!!!